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Zodiac ninja
Author: LordHannu Submitted: 28th April, 2019 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 192

Made this for Zodiac competition on this site 2013. Exciting.
I added all zodiacs to fight as a ninja in this simple fighting game.


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Posted by BigAl0104 14th June, 2019
Rated :

It's ok. It's a good attempt at a fighting game, but it does feel very clunky in some areas, and I get hit constantly, even on the easy difficulty. While the graphics are very good, the gameplay is not that good, but it has potential. Good effort!
Posted by TheComicalMelon 16th July, 2019
Rated :

This game was fun, and I enjoy the variety of the enemies. The concept was cool, fighting Zodiacs is a neat idea. The fighting was very clunky, and the only "move" that I used was moving back and forth doing the super kick. I think the game definitely needs more variety in what you can do in terms of moves. The graphics are basic, but get the job done. I don't look at graphics in defining how good a game is. I could only beat this game on Easy, there are some bosses that seem much too difficult. (Especially Cancer.)
Posted by LordHannu 23rd July, 2019

Thanks BigAk0104,
TheComicalMelon if you press forward and kick simultaneously you should do a powerfull roundhousekick. Thanks for the comment.





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