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Ignis mortis
Author: LordHannu Submitted: 16th April, 2016 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 371

Edited By LordHannu on 14/03/2024

Updated ignis mortis on ouyaadventure game. Lost in a world of demons you now need to survive and find the evil boss with help of your player agility and weapon, There are 3 weapons and 3 shoes that will be your key to enter the chamber of the final one, find them with help of your map. Defeat him and you win!


Fixed some few bugs. Updated ignis mortis on ouya its the most stable one.

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Posted by LordHannu 30th June, 2016

So what you guys think?
Also uploaded it on OUYA 200+ downloads.
But no comments =/
Posted by Hugo B. 2nd July, 2016
Rated :

Hi! Nice graphics and animations. Definitely potential, but in my opinion the level design was flawed. Basically too many options to go to, which was confusing. Also, the graphic style is relatively dark and realistic. All the floating platforms (unrealistic) do not match this imo. I think that is why people are not really engaged, because of the mismatch in level design with the art style / game atmosphere.
I'd rather go for a Shadow of the Beast-like approach, where most of the action is on one level, expect in case of real structures (buildings, caves, etc), which make multi-level platforms "believable'.
Also, I encountered some bugs with floating sprites (including my character) and it needs more enemy types, but of course it's a demo. 4 stars for the effort so far and potentional. Good luck and keep making it better!!
Posted by Bernard2016 7th August, 2016

I just downloaded this on Ouya. It's fun but the green sword is unreachable. I have the red boots, green boots, blue boots, red sword, and blue sword, but the green sword is out of reach.

If I try to get it by coming in from the right accross the acid lake I can't jump high enough to grab it. If I climb up from below I end up on a ledge trying to reach a platform that is too high up. No matter what I cannot jump high enough.





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