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The Undead slayer: The beginning
Author: LordHannu Submitted: 6th June, 2013 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 333

Edited By LordHannu on 03/05/2019

The undead slayer: The beginning.

The undead king is taking over the land with his undead minions. defeat them and reach the fat undeadking and destroy him.

Made with multi media fusion 2 dev.


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Posted by s-m-r 1st July, 2013

Another atmospheric, graphically-beautiful game, LordHannu! Nice work.

Is there any way to play the game without the screen stretching to fill the window? I've found no way to disable it, and I suspect that the configuration causes some slow-down and performance issues (in the outdoor, rainy levels in particular). Any ideas of what else I might be able to do to to improve the game's performance?
Posted by LordHannu 2nd July, 2013

Thanks alot! Thanks for playing my game

You could download the game and change the window size.
But this game is oringaly made for pc a ".exe" export from mmf2 then the game runs perfect. what i did was just made the game as it was and exported to flash. What i can do is make the rain totaly diffrent becouse I noticed flash doesnt handle alot of objects so good. But does handle huge Pictures good. Made it to flash becouse mochigames has a highscore list. making my own highscore takes time this game is old and im bit lazy.
Posted by s-m-r 3rd July, 2013

If you have the EXE available for download, please let me know. Playing the Flash app offline still presents problems.

I've only had issues with the regenerating skeletons being raised way too quickly. It's like they stand back up as soon as their death animation ends.

I assume you used the basic timer instead of Alterable Values to regenerate those skeletons? The reason I don't recommend the timers is because even if the game slows down, the basic timer doesn't stop. This can lead to problems down the line (such as the skeleton raising too quickly).

Instead of using the basic timer, I recommend this. Set up your Events so that whenever the skeleton is dead, add 1 to the skeleton's Alterable Value. When the Alterable Value reaches a certain number, then raise the skeleton and set the Alterable Value to 0.
Posted by LordHannu 3rd July, 2013

Try this:
Posted by s-m-r 4th July, 2013

Yes, the EXE works much better! I made it to the end boss the first time around. The only thing that doesn't work correctly would be the links to the high-score tables.

Seems like the game length is just right, too. Nice work, man!
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th April, 2014
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Awesome game! I'm surprised I missed this one!





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