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Joe Snow
Author: JohnsProgram Submitted: 12th September, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 110
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"Glacies" is Joe Snow's home planet where he and his folks enjoy the freezing cold weather. Suddenly, the cold quickly turned hot when a meteor shower rained over Glacies! In order to stop the shower, more of the powerful stars -- called the "Power Items" -- must be collected to overpower the meteors.

Joe Snow agreed to venture out into space to find more Power Items to prevent the planet from melting and save all lives!

In "Joe Snow," you control Joe to collect the treasures to give him points. Collecting points will allow Joe to withstand fire, lava, and acid to get one step closer towards finding the legendary power items!

This revamp was introduced in 2007 as my next MMF 1.5 game. However, due to instability with the game's performance, the MMF version was converted into BlitzMax.

(The game's available for Windows and Linux. Clicking the Download button will redirect you to Acoder's download page.)

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 (31 mb )

Posted by Dave C 12th September, 2011
Rated :

how is this 31mb? lol hmmm it's very well polished, menus/transitions/effects etc are all nice.. I'm not a huge fan of the core gameplay though, seems a bit basic.. but i've only played the first 3 levels, it might get more exciting
Posted by Chris Burrows 13th September, 2011

Looks great! Downloading now. I'm curious, what could BlitzMax do that MMF could not?
Posted by Chrisbo 17th September, 2011

The gameplay got super repetetive, but everything about it was very polished and nice looking. Very jealous of how smooth Blitz runs compared to MMF, those framerates are killer.
Posted by JohnsProgram 17th September, 2011

Chris Burrows, it's hard to explain, but Chrisbo mentioned the frame rate as well as the "freedom" to program without performance restrictions related to MMF.
Posted by UrbanMonk 19th September, 2011

MMF 1.5 maybe, but MMF 2 could do this game easily, with better framerates and file size to boot.

Not to mention multi-platform support.

I played the first 3 levels as well, then took a look at the screenshots. There doesn't appear to be any enemies.
Posted by Airflow 13th September, 2016
Rated :

had fun playing this for a week, a tiny bit of thinking attached to rather tricky platforming elements. keeps you going with the new content and themes. i got stuck at the lava world, i cannot get a score high enough to survive the melt!





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