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Author: JohnsProgram Submitted: 19th October, 2006 Favourites:1
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 213
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Edited By JohnsProgram on 6/1/2007

Edited By JohnsProgram on 10/19/2006

In this arcade-feeling game, you play as Xipple, the little blue blob that collects all of the yellow chips. Xippie is fast paced, so be sure to dodge those Zcorbs and Spryals along your path. Collect all of the chips and you will move on to the next round. Watch out, because those Zcorbs will grow bigger!

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Posted by MJK 19th October, 2006

Great, I feel so C64'ish! It was fun to play. I would've liked to see Xippie to turn into the direction he's facing, but that's only a sidenote. Thumbs up.
Posted by Reno 19th October, 2006

Ya they remind me of those Box games where you put a coin in
Posted by izac 19th October, 2006

yo i'll check it out! It might not work though, i'm just going to run this game on Linux to see if it works

Posted by Tim 19th October, 2006

How is Zcorb pronounced? :| Sounds weird like "Z-corb".. funky game nontheless. Nice graphics too
Posted by izac 19th October, 2006

damn! This download is taking forever! only 65kb/sec! Normally i can go 400kb/sec
Posted by izac 19th October, 2006

Oh, i got it to work! only problem is, i can't get off the config screen. I press shift on Save&Exit. But it doesn't work.

*Get's back to work on Linux*
Posted by JohnsProgram 19th October, 2006

U.2., I wouldn't recommend running this in Linux.
Tim, yep, it's pronounced "Z-corb". It was originally called "Zorb" but that's already copyrighted.
Posted by SDASDASD 19th October, 2006

Yeah, it won't get off the options menu when running under Wine.
Is there something wrong with this ini file? :


I get this printed on my "zcorb option.ini" every time I choose "Save and quit"
Posted by JohnsProgram 19th October, 2006

No, it looks good.
the ID has to be equal to 1 in order for you to bypass the option screen.
Since I don't have a linux, there's not much I can do.
Posted by Reno 19th October, 2006

Linux if free. Get DSL (Damn Small Linux) or goto and have FREE Linux CDs sent to you. Free, no shipping or anything!
Posted by Fifth 19th October, 2006

Wow, what a cool game!
And the style is so convincingly consistent!
Posted by Bibin 19th October, 2006

Nice game, feels a lot like exterminator.
Posted by Hayo 19th October, 2006

This is really great. The people who voted down are evil and will go to hell.
Posted by 19th October, 2006

Whats so great with this game? O_o
Im not saying its bad, because it is not. But its not "really great" either, in my opinion. :]
Posted by JohnsProgram 19th October, 2006

Reno, U.2, try the 1.1 version of Zcorb and see if that works
Posted by 20th October, 2006

Great concept!
Thumbs go right up!
Posted by izac 20th October, 2006

Will try when i get the time
Posted by X_Sheep 28th October, 2006

The Arcade/NES feel has been captured perfectly. Now if only this game came out 20 years earlier
Posted by JohnsProgram 28th October, 2006

Nah, if that happens, it will ended up as a trashy 3D game at this day. Look what happened to Pac-Man now! lol X)
Posted by X_Sheep 29th October, 2006

Well if it did, I would be able to put a NES or MAME rom on my GP32 by now
Posted by AndyUK 15th November, 2006

it looks more like a 48k spectrum game than a nes game.
Posted by X_Sheep 19th November, 2006

201856!! w00t





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