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Outlind Beta
Author: Matthew Wiese Submitted: 11th June, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 37

Edited By Matthew Wiese on 6/11/2010

Hey guys! It's me! Matt Wiese! I haven't been active for awhile, but lurking as usual. I have a new beta to show you all, it's a concept I started work on, just to test out my particle effects skills (bombs) and worked itself out from there. I'll start by giving you guys a quick tutorial on what to do.


Move/Jump: Arrow Keys
Pick-up Box: Z
Drop Box: X
Restart Frame: R
How To Play:

Touch bombs to make them explode.

Boxes can be set on fire by the fiery explosions of bombs. T

If you see a conspicuous line, it's most likely a fuse and can be lit by touching it with fire.

Fuses lead to certain objects (in the case of this alpha, a spring/jumpy thing).

You must get to where the fuse leads before it reaches there or miss what happens (i.e. miss the spring launching).

Buttons can be pushed, causing certain things to happen.

Short, flat "pads" are teleporters and can teleport boxes, must be activated first.

Your goal is to reach the spinning gem (nothing happens yet).

Known Bugs/Issues:

Having two boxes overlapping each other, and pressing "Z" to pick them up, you pick up both. (I'm trying to fix this but would like help with it)

If you place a box on fire where the first fuse's spring is, it'll light the fuse.

I Hope you guys like my -tiny- beta! Please give feedback on it and tell me if I should continue!

~ Matt Wiese

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Posted by alessandroLino 11th June, 2010

Plays good, but i can lit the end of the line in the start, by dropping the box on fire on the spring thing

EDIT: Whoops havent seen the known bugs
Comment edited by A. Lino on 6/11/2010
Posted by Matthew Wiese 11th June, 2010

Yeah, if you read the "Known Bugs/Issues you would see that it is already on the list. But thanks for the feedback!
Posted by Jon C-B 12th June, 2010

Pretty cool. A nice touch in the game would have the fire be red or orange or something while everything else is black and white
Posted by Matthew Wiese 12th June, 2010

Thanks! Yeah, I was considering making the fire red to have it stand out more, and be the "focus" of the game. But I went with white so I could keep the black and white coloring, but if I get more feedback I'll continue this game and make the fire red probably.





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