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BlueGame Demo
Author: Matthew Wiese Submitted: 25th August, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 49

Edited By Matthew Wiese on 8/25/2009

Edited By Matthew Wiese on 8/25/2009

Edited By Matthew Wiese on 8/25/2009

Here's the demo, contains five levels.


Red Color - dangerous
Black Color - ground
Blue Color - you
Yellow Color - goalpoint


WASD - move

While on a wall, press W to jump off. (You can hold onto walls, not moving platforms.


EDIT: Fixed DL link.
EDIT 2: Fixed levels jumping problems

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Posted by alastair john jack 25th August, 2009

few things that concern me:

-shouldn't soley rely on the user to restart the level when they'll be dying every second. Make it automatic, make it quick.

-while purposely hard, the lurning curve is absurd.

-lack of arrow key controls

-iwannabetheguy and fangame have done this forumla to death - but could be kept interesting if you do a different type of graphics/atmosphere.

^^^ ignore all of that if you dont care about the player and just want to make a frustrating game.
Posted by UrbanMonk 25th August, 2009

I can't play this. I can't even pass the first set of red triangles. What's the point?

I did like the graphics though. Pretty original.
Posted by [DELETED] 25th August, 2009

Alastair pretty much summed it up, you have something here which potentially could be a fun challenging game, but you've ruined that by making the first level hard enough to get through I died probably 40 times trying to get through that. Also, I really think that using the "up" equivalent for WASD controls stifles the wall jumping fun because you have to mash your fingers around uncomfortably on the same three keys.

This combined with non-graphics just doesn't make it fun at all.
Posted by OMC 25th August, 2009

Posted by Marko 25th August, 2009
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Yeah that is so haaaaaaaaaaaard! I agree with alastair and jthongbai on every point they make; this game could be great, but at the moment it's too steep a difficulty curve and the graphics, though interesting, are too bland on the eyes for prolonged play.

Keep trying though, it has oodles of potential!

EDIT Sorry mate, just realised you wanted to see ratings (ref. Projects section) - done!
Comment edited by Marko on 8/25/2009
Posted by Marko 25th August, 2009
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Posted by Callebo 25th August, 2009

My eyes hurts
Posted by Jon C-B 25th August, 2009

This is good. It would be great with a level editor thoguh.
Posted by -Dark Martin- 30th August, 2009

This is like that funny game that is mentioned in GTA Vice City...





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