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Tech Warz Demo
Author: -Finn- Submitted: 14th September, 2008 Favourites:0
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Edited By -Finn- on 9/15/2008

Tech Warz
project started by Finn 3 days ago...

It's about a guys called Korg, who's mission is to destroy the robots of Novalab. Novalab is a group of scientists that planned out to destroy Technoid city. They revealed some robot sentinels and soldiers and they are about to send them to attack. Korg, as the main character, has to stop the leader of the robots, Hobu. A black giant robot that was activates some years ago. Now he is again operational.

The game is programmed by Finn. The sprites are made by Finn and FooFighter. The storyline is also written by Finn. Finn: "I first thought to transformers, but when i saw that most of the sprites were wrong, decided to make Tech Warz. I have an entire sprite sheet, if you need it, ask for it."

The game's music is composed by Nurykabe(

The gameplay:

Well, the game play is a classical 2D platformer. The controls for movement are from the right and left keys and jumping from shift. If you want to jump higher, then just hold the Shift button while you are in the air.

The game after all:

The game is meant to have 10 levels with a boss fight. The demo version of the game has only 2 levels. Right now, the project is in full activity, and the development goes well.

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Posted by The Chris Street 15th September, 2008

Could you submit a longer description?
Posted by -Finn- 15th September, 2008

i could, but this means that i would have to say things that aren't in the game :-/ is that what you want?
Posted by -Finn- 15th September, 2008

then there u go ...
Posted by The Chris Street 15th September, 2008

good stuff
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 15th September, 2008

26 megs? That's big!
Is there a lot of mp3s in it perhaps?
Gonna download and try later!
Posted by -Finn- 16th September, 2008

well no there aren't

but the layers from the first level are making it so big cuz i needed parallax.
Posted by -MacAdaM- 16th September, 2008

you can make parallax without layers ^^.
I dunno if it would be any smaller, but it is rather easy.
Posted by -Finn- 16th September, 2008

well i didnt know i just read an article and made it





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