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Author: -Finn- Submitted: 3rd September, 2008 Favourites:0
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Edited By -Finn- on 9/3/2008

Edited By -Finn- on 9/3/2008

Edited By -Finn- on 9/3/2008


At the moment the version of Novaweb is 1.0 and this project is active and in fully evolution. I, Finn, will try to improve the features of Novaweb.

What is Novaweb?

Novaweb is just an internet browser like Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, etc.

The actual version is more a beta, because it doesn't have features like other browsers. In the future versions i will add more things to it, and i'm expecting like in a month or less the browser will be acting like a real web browser.

The future versions i'll made, you will be able to download from here. I'll just edit the Download page.

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Posted by jpSoul 3rd September, 2008

looks cool

but is it possible with MMF2 to add for example the support for flash plugin ? O_o
Posted by -Finn- 4th September, 2008

i think it is, this browser is based on IE but for me that's the bad thing
Posted by Aptennap 4th September, 2008

Is this made using ActiveX?
Posted by -Finn- 4th September, 2008

Posted by Simon Colmer 9th September, 2008
Rated :

So you have released a application that just uses the active-x of IE? why?
Posted by Cecilectomy 10th September, 2008

every one already has ie if they have windows. if it had some features that ie didnt. it may be worth a download.
Posted by Silveraura 11th September, 2008

You can uninstall Internet Explorer.
However that would also make this application cease to work as well, so yeah... this is rather pointless I'm sorry to say. =(
Posted by The_Antisony 8th September, 2011

Plus, anybody remember Novabrain from the dalnet #k&p era? I saw the software title and had a flashback to 1997. That dude was a douche. Death by association, I guess.






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