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Finn's Dream [Demo]
Author: -Finn- Submitted: 1st September, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 170

Edited By -Finn- on 9/2/2008

Finn's Dream Demo Version

This is my newest game inspired from my dream that i had some days ago. It was something weird...i got outside and noticed that the world changed. The environment was exactly as i designed it in the game.

Now in the're me and you got to pass through the obstacles and to collect puzzle pieces. There are 6 puzzle pieces, so if you do not collect them, you cannot pass the level.

Remember that always you have to try everything to go forward so watch out because i preopared something nice at the end of the level.

I'll start working now at the other level or there may be more .

Have a nice day klikers!

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Posted by The Chris Street 1st September, 2008

Can you try and improve the description before we accept?
Posted by -Finn- 2nd September, 2008

Posted by Marko 2nd September, 2008
Rated :

Quite good, i liked the graphics that were simple yet crisp - i like crisp! The movement was good and the level design was tight (though since you thought it up in your dreams you don't deserve 100% credit! )

Since this is a demo, am i right in assuming that you will include music and more sound effects? With these the experience would be greatly improved. And one other thing - what was the blue thing supposed to be? It chased me but didn't seem to do anything when it caught me - hopefully it'd turn out to be harmful since that would make the game more tense!

Good luck with the rest of the game mate!
Posted by AndyUK 2nd September, 2008

It's 732k by the way.
Posted by -Finn- 2nd September, 2008

well ty the blue thing is your pet and yes...i'll add some music and i'm planning to do the other level longer and with more obstacles, so this will require time

i made this quick just to show the people what is to come rly.
Posted by jpSoul 2nd September, 2008

strange game !
but I don't understand why you publish this, it's like a pre-alpha or engine ^^
I think I collected all puzzle pieces but the game simply ends... Is it supposed to do another thing ?
Posted by 緑葉 2nd September, 2008

I downloaded and played it, and I have some tips that could make this game a lot better:

- You should work on your animations (because when I played this game, it felt a little like I was playing Commander Keen. If you don't know what I mean, search on Google). This game has potential.

- Yor gfx style is nice, but maybe add some shading to reflect a "light source" so that the game would have more depth.

- You said you were gonna add sfx/music so I'm gonna leave that part until I see the complete version.

- Your plot for this game (your dream being the plot of this game, can be really nice. Similar to Commander Keen). You should even develop your plot

I hope to see the completed full version of this game
Posted by Toadsanime 2nd September, 2008

Finish this game up, and it may just become a little beauty. Keep up the good work!
Posted by jpSoul 2nd September, 2008

to continue the ideas list of Keltosh, I think a scrolling parallax would be cool !
You can also work on "3D" sounds (I mean sounds that have a different panning, according to the position of the sound source), and some ambience sounds for the cave... wind sound when you are high in the sky... ^^
Posted by -Finn- 3rd September, 2008

well, randomly i made this like Cmmander Keen, because when i was younger i used to play it a lot.

And sure guys, i'll work at the music, parallax and if someone have more ideas, post 'em up!
Posted by 緑葉 3rd September, 2008

Maybe a more complicated custom platform movement like climbing, hanging, swimming, etc.
Posted by -Finn- 3rd September, 2008

well, this will take a long time to learn, but ill try. If not, ill spare more time on these things, and in my following game ill make a more complicated movement
Posted by 緑葉 3rd September, 2008

There are lots of open-source engines on TDC (with the things I mentioned and a lot more), you can check them out and adapt them to your game
Posted by Marko 3rd September, 2008
Rated :

A pet eh? That explains why it didn't attack me them eh My bad! Good game, i've played it again since
Posted by -Finn- 3rd September, 2008

don't disturb him, cuz he will eat ur ass
Posted by Cecilectomy 10th September, 2008

could be good. i found the gameplay quite too slow for my taste and the lack of music really turned me off.

the style is magnificent but could be improved.

also the platform movement is a bit buggy.

very nice start though.
Posted by Xio 20th September, 2008
Rated :

i finished the game! YAY

its pretty cool





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