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Author: Blue66 Submitted: 24th May, 2008 Favourites:3
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 4383
114th Place     (4.2 / 5)
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The world has been overrun by zombies! Humanity is lost. You play as a blonde chick with a big gun who has to fight her way through the zombie hordes. To survive, you have to talk with npcs, find powerups, get new weapons and of course never run out of ammo.

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Posted by Marko 24th May, 2008

Brilliantly designed old-skool shooter - a game that does 'fun' excellently. Love it!!
Posted by -Nick- 24th May, 2008
Rated :

This is amazing.

Can you put the buttons somewhere? It took me ages to find the grenade launcher button!
Comment edited by -Nick- on 5/24/2008
Posted by -Liam- 24th May, 2008

Posted by Impresario 24th May, 2008
Rated :

Woot!!! it's mucho fun, old school shooter to the core. ROCK ON!!!

I agree some documentation for the controls would be helpful.
Posted by -Nick- 24th May, 2008
Rated :

I have a suspicious that those grey boxes at the bottom are something to do with getting your life back, but im not sure. Nor do i know how to use them.
Posted by Diefox 24th May, 2008
Rated :

wow, this game is fun, i love games with girls as the main stars! girls and zombies... reminds me of "Zombie Strippers"
Posted by Lukas Hägg 24th May, 2008

Nice game!

Btw, I found that F1 pops up a window with the controls explained.
Posted by -Nick- 24th May, 2008
Rated :

Excellent! Now i can get my life back
Posted by erghhhhx 24th May, 2008
Rated :

OMFG, cool game! But it's very hard... Couldn't kill tha donkey kong-boss. =
Posted by AndyUK 24th May, 2008
Rated :

Pretty good, nice engine and hardcore music lol,

it would be more fun if all the enemies didn't hurt you on contact and walk from side to side mindlessly,
also that first boss was just insane, i didn't like that he spams you with near impossible to avoid bananas.

but still, not a bad game.
Posted by Blue66 24th May, 2008

Wow, you guys are really fast with the news

Thanks for your comments! I've just joined your wonderful community and it's nice to see some oldschool-lovers like me around
Posted by Neuro 24th May, 2008
Rated :

Kinda reminds me of Bio Menace! Awesome stuff, but it does get pretty tough past that first boss. Not a big fan of having to completely restart a level, but that's just me.

Really well presented, solid, simple and fun. Keep it up! Looking forward to some more :]
Posted by Ski 24th May, 2008

Press > on the level select to skip to the end
Posted by -Nick- 24th May, 2008
Rated :

I know, it's great isn't it!

Although i think the > key is a glitch left in from testing! Ainesvoltas 2 had that same glitch
Posted by Ski 25th May, 2008

what is great?
Posted by erghhhhx 25th May, 2008
Rated :

Hard call between this and Blue Friends... But Gungirl gets my GOTW! =
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 25th May, 2008

Wholly crap it's Bruce Willis Vs. the Zombies! Awesomeness.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 25th May, 2008

the first boss was annoying, what with him not being vulnerable 99% of the time
Comment edited by Dustin Gunn on 5/25/2008
Posted by jbjovi 26th May, 2008

A great game, but only two little problems find so far :

- As Dustin Gunn said, first boss is vulnerable all the time when you enter the frame. But if you die, it become vulnerable only after shouting bananas from above.

- You should make mouse cursor invisible when menu is invisible too.

EDIT : Another bug : EVERYTIME I quit the game, it crach.
Comment edited by jbjovi on 5/26/2008
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 26th May, 2008

The link isn't working?
Posted by Blue66 26th May, 2008

Yes, I'm sorry. Having problems with my website. You can use this mirror for now:
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 26th May, 2008

Posted by \/\/olf 27th May, 2008

the link isnt working...

oops, i stand corrected. will try
Comment edited by \/\/olf on 5/27/2008
Posted by Beau 28th May, 2008

I concur that the 3rd boss sucks ass. But the rest of the game was good. Not sure why every girl in the game is 50 fold harder than anything else, but it runs with the theme, I suppose. The last boss felt a little easy, especially after the 3rd boss and all. /me feels that making it to the end is good enough. Hitting it with every trap along the way was just rubbing in how impossible he was.
Posted by The Chris Street 28th May, 2008
Rated :

Excellent stuff... I have to say that I felt the title screen was a bit out of place with the rest of the graphics in the game though.
Comment edited by Chris Street on 5/28/2008
Posted by s-m-r 29th May, 2008
Rated :

Excellent game so far, man! I've been working on this piecemeal for the past week or so, and I finally made it to the cave/mountain level featured in the screen shots. So far, I haven't had any complaints regarding the bosses; if you take time to observe the patters, it's not unbeatable (so far).

That water/boat level was a killer! Looking forward to playing through the rest of the game.
Posted by donny duetch 29th May, 2008
Rated :

Mindless and frustrating. It was a nice challenging game for the first 9 levels, but once you reach level 10 it just keeps getting harder and harder. I'm on level 12 right now and the game has gotten to the point of being so hard, it's aggravating. I've played level 12 50, 60, 70...100 times from beginning to what I can only hope is nearly the end. Has anyone finished level 12?! If so, were you able to do it in under 1,000 attempts?!
Comment edited by donny duetch on 5/30/2008
Posted by AndyUK 30th May, 2008
Rated :

i stopped on the first boss.
Posted by donny duetch 30th May, 2008
Rated :

You played two levels of this game and you gave it 4 stars? Typically you don't review or rate a game until you've played a solid chunk of it. Why don't you play up until level 11 or 12 and see if you still feel the game deserves 4 stars?
Comment edited by donny duetch on 5/30/2008
Posted by Pixelthief 31st May, 2008
Rated :

the graphics were great and the presentation is quite nice, but some of the gameplay elements could use a little work- enemy AI especially
Posted by AndyUK 1st June, 2008
Rated :


It's relative to what else ive played, if a game keeps me happy for 2 levels (longish levels at that) it's onto a winner.
Posted by s-m-r 2nd June, 2008
Rated :

Yup, you had me hooked until the third boss. Then I gave up.

Deviously-designed levels, man! Looking forward to seeing more games from you.
Posted by xhedgehogx 3rd June, 2008
Rated :

This game is pretty cool and deserves the GOTW. Good job.
Posted by Va1entine 30th August, 2008
Rated :

Big improvement on GunDude well worth game of the week good job!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Gokotti 13th March, 2009
Rated :

I just luv this. Blood, guns, difficulty and BOOBS!
Posted by Leander Leitner 11th June, 2009

How do you defeat the first boss? All those bananas...I'm dead in seconds.
Posted by moren11 9th July, 2009

kinda noob






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