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Review: GunGirl
Author: -Nick-
Added: 24/05/2008

Gun... check!
Girl... check!
Hardcore music and bad ass gameplay... check!

Let's go!

When you're shown a title screen like this you get second thoughts. But as soon as you notice the two difficulty settings are "Normal" and "Iron Maiden" you know things can only get better!

This game is awesome. You basically just run around shooting zombies. That's all there is to it. You can get different guns and grenades to use in your grenade launcher. Oh, and health packs too! It might take you a while to figure out the controls, but press F1 and a little window will pop up to help you out! Enemies are well placed and there is usually enough health and ammo to last you through the level. You have to remember to go back and save when you complete a stage, or you'll get caught out with a game over! The bosses are rock hard. The first boss, a giant monkey, might make you want to put down the game and not play it. But if you pay careful attention to the attack pattern and sounds it makes, you can easily figure out how to beat it.

Screenshot 1

The graphics are wonderful. Your character is portrayed at the bottom of the screen with a photo, just incase you forget who you're playing as. Every so often Bruce Willis will pop up and help you, too! The actual game world looks crisp and has really nice tiles to build the level out of. Some of them reminded me of a brand new work surface in the kitchen, i didn't want to scratch them. I think some of the pixel art let the game down though, some of the monsters looked a bit cheap.

Screenshot 2

Wow... the music will blow you away. I don't think any of the music was original in this game. The title screen definately wasn't... Marilyn Manson was shouting at me the whole time. The sound effects are satisfyingly explosive. Monsters often growl to let you know they're around.

Screenshot 3

The game has two difficulty settings. And the game is pretty long too. I think it would be more enjoyable for most if it was a bit shorter though. Quite a few people might get bored before the end. I got fed up on the third boss. But i'll still keep going back to it to try again.

Screenshot 4

The only problems started on the third boss. You're expected to run away from this big monster and set up traps for him on the way. The problem is, if you run too fast, the trap dissapears before the monster reaches it and if you run too slow, the monster will catch you. So you have to run at an absolutely perfect speed so that you're not too far ahead and not too far behind. Oh, and once a level is done... it's done! So i couldn't get any screenshots from the earlier levels.

Sound and Music:

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Posted by -Nick- 24th May, 2008

Well apparently you can't edit reviews! You forgot to add the edit button, admins! If an admin could put .png instead of /png in my screenshots it'd be greatly appreciated!
Posted by Ski 25th May, 2008

Highly over-rated.
Posted by AndyUK 26th May, 2008

Yeah. well a little bit.

When a really good game comes out people will be trying to give it 17/10
Posted by -Nick- 26th May, 2008

Well i thought it was great!
Posted by AndyUK 28th May, 2008

A game can be overrated and still be great you know.
I get feeling a few games are being met with some insane praise that when a really good game comes out people will have no choice but to go beserk over it to show they like it more than the others...
Posted by donny duetch 12th June, 2008

Did you finish the game before posting this? It sounds to me like you hadn't even beaten the annoying level 11 (or 12?) boss yet. "The only problems started on the third boss..." I've got news for you buddy, the game only gets worse from there on. You'll be repeating levels dozens and dozens of times before you pass them. I guess if that sort of thing is your cup of tea, this game must be a blast.

BTW, have you beaten the game yet? Would you still give it a 9/10?


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