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Super Panda Adventures DEMO
Author: Blue66 Submitted: 28th May, 2012 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 265

Edited By Blue66 on 6/21/2012

Super Panda Adventures is a mix of metroidvania, rpg and action platformer. You play as Fu and your mission is to save the world from evil Robots who have kidnapped the sweet Princess Maya!

This is the DEMO version, which features about 10-30 minutes of gameplay to give you a good first impression of the final game. Please leave feedback if you like

If you have any questions or want more information etc, please visit my homepage

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Posted by AndyUK 3rd June, 2012

It's like the old days of click when we were all trying to make something that looked like 16 bit games.

Fantastic music, solid engine, The artwork is full of imagination but seems a little scruffy. I think it might need full screen antialiasing if it's going to be resized to 1080p.

Oh also the parallax scrolling is awesome! but it does sort of look like flat cardboard cutouts.

That those bramble vine things are dangerous in the forest weren't initially obvious to me. You might want to try to make them stand out? The screen is full of lovely bright colours so it's hard to focus on whats what for a newbie to the game.
Comment edited by AndyUK on 6/3/2012
Posted by UrbanMonk 20th June, 2012

I want to download this but, gamefront. Can you upload it somewhere else?
Posted by Blue66 21st June, 2012

Softpedia has recently added Super Panda Adventures DEMO to their downloads, hope this link helps you!
Posted by Cameron L Mercer 24th June, 2012

I really like this! Smooth styling, and has a certain touch of artistic flair that I can really dig. I am very interested to play the finished version!

However, I am nervous. If you hired an artist to compose your music, does this mean that it will end up shareware? :/

EDIT: Oh man! In the update, you can no longer go to the cow and press up repeatedly for a fantastically funny treat Haha Still awesome!

BUG REPORT! In the first level, once you have the sword, you can with cunning mastery chop the topmost block to the left and gain the yellow key! You can then go through the yellow door and get stuck
Comment edited by Cameron L Mercer on 6/28/2012
Posted by Jenswa 8th July, 2012

Why does it need admin rights to play?






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