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Some Smooth Curves (example file) (fix'd)
Author: DaVince Submitted: 30th August, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 481

Edited By DaVince [Ectoprods] on 1/12/2008

FIX: It should work for everyone now, as long as you have the scrollbar extension.

This an example file demonstrating the first two kind of curves of the Bézier curve tutorial. I got bored after I finished the second formula, so a real bézier curve formula isn't included though - sorry!

There are two frames: frame one showing how you do the linear formula, and the second showing how you do the quadratic formula. You can move around points by clicking on them, moving the mouse and then clicking where you want to place them.

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Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 31st August, 2007

you'r my idol!

keep those up!
Posted by DaVince 31st August, 2007

Heh, no problem.

I might get un-lazy with this and add a bézier curve anyway.
Posted by Zethell 1st September, 2007

Well.. i can't even open it.. next time you should supply extensions used too
Posted by DaVince 1st September, 2007

I didn't use any extensions, just the scrollbar ActiveX. If you don't have that one... something must be horribly wrong with your PC...
Posted by DaVince 6th September, 2007

MS Office? I don't use MS Office. And I don't even have IE7.

I'll replace the scroll bar by something different, then. Though I just chose something similar to "MS Controls: scrollbar".
Posted by viva/volt 8th September, 2007

You need to MS Active X Control Pad or something, I went ahead and found that through A LOT of googling, nice example though.
Posted by Zethell 8th September, 2007

So my computer is seriously wrong if it dosn't have what you have?.. ohh i better go fix that then?!

Can you please do a list here on all the things you have ?
Posted by DaVince 9th September, 2007

Weird that no one has those scroll bar ActiveXes, I thought they were included with Windows... I'll just find one of those scroll bar extensions then.
Posted by DaVince 9th September, 2007

Bah, the scrollbar object barely has any features and pauses the application, where the ActiveX doesn't. Ah well, it'll have to do... Uploading now.
Posted by DaVince 11th September, 2007

I haven't looked into Windows API programming at all yet.
Posted by DaVince 8th April, 2009

"So my computer is seriously wrong if it dosn't have what you have?"

Yes, I assumed that because I thought it was a REALLY standard ActiveX that comes with all Windows PCs.





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