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DaVince's Stuff Pack
Author: DaVince Submitted: 1st May, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 257

Edited By DaVince [Ectoprods] on 1/12/2008

I thought it'd never happen, but I did it anyway: I decided to upload and showcase all abandoned, old, and misc stuff I have on my pc. Why? Because I like it. Because it could inspire others. And stuff like that.

It's stuff! And lots of it. Including, but not limited to:
Cool effect: shows this swirly effect. Heh.
Drummer & Drummer 2: drum away! Record it first and then it's playback time!
RPG-engine: a few RPG engine things, like a text box, tile movement, earthquake effect and random character movement.
SPCplay: a complete SPC player. It has a file opening bug, but works perfectly otherwise.

There's more. But check it out yerself, eh?
Enjoy 'n stuff.

EDIT: Exes are now available for most files.

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Posted by 2nd May, 2006

Well you did say you were going to make a RPG engine better then mine and silverdrakes and sucsed Thumbs up
Posted by Milo 3rd May, 2006

lol Davince has a lot of stuff... No wonder it's called DaVince's stuff pack
Posted by 3rd May, 2006

please put all the stuff in exes
Posted by DaVince 3rd May, 2006

Well, Kitty, this actually isn't the RPG engine I was going to make, THAT one is still in progress and much better than this one.

Exes? Sure, I'll make a seperate pack containing all the exes.
Posted by 3rd May, 2006

Thumb's up!
Posted by DaVince 15th September, 2014

8 years old. Wow. And the downloads still work!





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