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Easy Site Editor
Author: DaVince Submitted: 14th July, 2006 Favourites:0
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Edited By DaVince [Ectoprods] on 1/12/2008

Edited By DaVince [Ectoprods] on 9/18/2007

Edited By DaVince [Ectoprods] on 5/16/2007

Do you have a website that needs updating, but are you too lazy to do it because the page editing and then uploading is too much work? Well, don't worry, because now there is Easy Site Editor!

This program is simply a file editor and uploader in one!

Features include:
- Open and edit any file in the folder ESE is located in;
- Ability to browse through subdirectories and edit files in these directories;
- Immediately upload the changed file, even to a subdirectory;
- Store your FTP login data for even faster accessing or editing in ESE;
- Automatically connects when clicking the 'Upload' button, so no fear of disconnections while editing a page.

Note that you will need to have access to FTP to upload your files.

I hope this app will be useful to people!

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Posted by Liquixcat 14th July, 2006

Nice idea.
Posted by axel 14th July, 2006

Indeed. Even though the interface is not the best
Posted by axel 14th July, 2006

(You forgot to include cncs232.dll)
Posted by DaVince 15th July, 2006

I left the DLLs out for file size, but I included a link to the required DLLs in the help file.

Could you tell me a bit on how the interface could be improved? Of course, I will make it look better in the next version, but what should change too?

Last, is the need-site-offline-before-editing thing annoying? If so, I'll research downloading the pages too.
Posted by DaVince 16th July, 2006

Working on version 2!
Posted by Chrisbo 19th July, 2006

I like it a lot, but the interface could defintitely use more polish. Isn't MMF capable of MDI? That would be cool.
Posted by The Chris Street 20th July, 2006

This is going to make it so much easier to upload my pages. One thing though, the program crashes if you don't enter any fields when connecting via the FTP.
Posted by DaVince 20th August, 2006

I'll make a security for that once I make version 2. (Not working on it atm, will start immediately! )
Posted by emurom 21st May, 2011

I <3 DaVince
Posted by DaVince 12th July, 2011






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