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Virtual Ambience
Author: Toasty Submitted: 29th March, 2007 Favourites:1
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Edited By Toasty on 4/1/2007

!!!!Heres's a better download link:!!!!


Hi, here a program I spent a few weeks working on. It creates sounds that mimic nature. You will need speakers or headphones for it to work. Heres the description:

What is it?
Virtual Ambience was created as a program that can be used to simulate the sounds of nature as accurately as possible, allowing the listener to become fully immersed into the imaginary worlds generated by the sounds. Virtual Ambience randomly selects and plays pre-loaded sound effects to simulate being in different environments. The sounds are played at different levels to produce the effects of distance and location.

I created this program to give my brain a break from the annoying buzz of computers in the office that I work in. It gives me better concentration and helps me to relax and focus on my work. Whether or not you use this as a concentration tool or just as a way to relax is completely up to you.

It features:
- Randomised sound effects with panning and volume.
- Background ambience with volume control.
- A randomize button.
- 6 Pre-selected scenarios.
- An auto mode with aggression level.
- Up to 32 simultaneous sounds.

This program was created in multimedia fusion express and uses the dmc object to play the sounds. Its 60mb because of the high quality sound files. Sorry for the free host, if its not suitable please let me know and I'll find another.

Review This Download (60 mkb )

Posted by Greg Eckermann 31st March, 2007

Wow thats awsome I was looking for something like this as a EXE. I'm tired of always using the sugler sound sculpture website. So this will allow me to do it offline.
Posted by steve 31st March, 2007

Yay! it's finally downloading.

I've been loving ambient stuff lately, it's good to sleep to if your PC is in the same room and it has to stay on (as a server or whatever)

Great idea btw, i've always wanted to make something like this but never got around to it.
Posted by Greg Eckermann 31st March, 2007

I just used this last night, very awsome program BTW no need to waste money on Ambient CDs or having to go online for sound sculptures.
Posted by steve 31st March, 2007

thumbs up! Very proffesional app you've made there.
Posted by Willy C 31st March, 2007

Looks good. I can't seem to download it. You should try they host your files if its freeware and doesn't contain spyware and such.
Posted by Zethell 31st March, 2007

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Posted by \/\/olf 1st April, 2007

Will download soon. Looks good
Posted by Toasty 1st April, 2007

Thanks guys, Sorry for the poor download links, I have put a better one at the top of the page. The direct link at the bottom seems to be getting a VB error. Try one of the mirrors instead!
Posted by Pixelthief 2nd April, 2007

Very impressive
Posted by Fifth 2nd April, 2007

H'm, what a cool program! And very well-made and professional.

If you're looking to do more on it, you could make a way for the user to import his own sounds, and have a way to save the abmient settings (unless there is one and I just missed it).

...And what might be a cool idea (though I don't know if it'd really get used) is to make it so you can set up a timeline-type thing, where the settings would gradually fade from one type to another (so that you could leave it on all night, and when you wake up it'd be playing morning sounds)... and you could have the controls similar to setting up a gradient in Photoshop, or something...

But then, those'd all take additional programming and such...

Anyway, it's a cool program.
Posted by ben mercer 3rd April, 2007

This is pretty cool. It also embodies how much MMF2 needs a better sound plugin; I miss Directsound2's auto positioning and 256 audio channels!
Posted by DE [RCT] 5th April, 2007

Siemanko kto ze mną pogada ???
Posted by RedHades 13th April, 2007

I Like it. And I listen to it quite often at work. But I have some ambience suggestion.
- Police car chase on the highway, as heard from inside the trunk.
- Busy Italian restaurant kitchen at noon.
- Post apocalyptic civilian war in the city ruins.






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