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Battle Mek 2
Author: Toasty Submitted: 28th April, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 219

Edited By TomH on 4/30/2003

Battle Mek 2 is the sequel release to the popular Battle Mek 1. Walk around in big robots and blow stuff up while completing objectives. Its not as easy as is sounds though because things such as heat issues, weight limits and primary/secondary objectives make it very hard (and fun). Advancements over the first game include:

- The ability to choose different weapons combinations
- Many new and different Meks to pilot and destroy
- New missions ranging from attack, defend and inspect
- Save/Load ability and a detailed help section

This is only the demo of this game. It is pretty old now and I have stopped working on it. If there is enough demand, I might pick it up again.

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Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 28th April, 2003

I have seen this game before.... Is it a demo, or the full version?
Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 28th April, 2003

Sorry, didn't read the text.
Posted by Smeggy 28th April, 2003

v.nice although the movement is quite annoying
Posted by Galaxy613 28th April, 2003

I LOVED Battle Mek 1 :) it was great! Now you can couse diff meks?! :)
Posted by Galaxy613 28th April, 2003

How do you use the mechine guns?
Posted by Jenswa 28th April, 2003

This sounds promising. :D
Posted by Simon Colmer 28th April, 2003

This game looks VERY good, downloading............ ;)
Posted by Galaxy613 28th April, 2003

This is cool! Don't Quit on it it's great! (or give it to me ;) )
Posted by Smeggy 28th April, 2003

its good VERY GOOD but needs a few touch up's..
Posted by Nighthawk 28th April, 2003

good game, fairly good graphics, here's my suggestion, get some better music and make the lasers shoot the crosshair the most annoying thing is that the lasers miss the cross hair by going in a straight line maybe try 'rotate towards position-crosshair' with the direction calculator? would be a good idea
Posted by The New SnS 28th April, 2003

yeah, i have the first one, really impressed by it. Downloading ;) ..................
Posted by The New SnS 28th April, 2003

i can already tell you that it is better than the first one! This is some of the best work i've seen on the DC lately. you have my vote for when this is on the GOTW!
Posted by Assault Andy 29th April, 2003

It's Great, I love it!
Posted by Smeggy 29th April, 2003

Where is the author?
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 29th April, 2003

this looks awesome I was working on a mech game a while ago called heavy mech al im deffintly going to see what this is like.
Posted by Galaxy613 29th April, 2003

maybe over at TK....
Posted by Simon Colmer 30th April, 2003

downloading again.................... Lets hope it works! ;)
Posted by Toasty 8th May, 2003

Hey, sorry I havn't replied, been bit busy lately. Hey thanks for all the support and great comments. Seems as tho alot more people like it more than I thought. So I think i'll finish this game after all. I start workin on it again soon. O yeah, i will change the music, kinda sux right now and those lasers are buggy too, ill fix them. As for the machine gun, just hold down the mouse button to shoot it, but you must have it selected by pressing the number key.
Posted by BrewM 14th May, 2003

looks like it is a fight to the finish, the two best games battle it out amongst the poll. May the best man win, better still, may the best game win
Posted by Matt 15th May, 2003

I've seen a 3D game like this, it was made by activision, was it Mechwarrior?? Very cool looking game!!






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