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Review: Battle Mek 2
Author: Assault Andy
Added: 30/04/2003

This game is awsome, the thing i noticed the most was the presentation.

It looks and feels like mechwarrior, and is presented really nice. The first thing I said when I played this game was "crap." The intro was amazing. "Megabyte Productions" it said, this is probabley the best intro I have seen for the company's title. Not to mention how great all the buttons look. My favourites would be the "Launch" and all of the menu buttons. The attention to detail is very nice.

The game itself is great to. It makes you feel really powerfull to control a huge towering mech, with super destructive weapons. It is really satisfying to run around a enemy mech in circles blasting it with XE Missiles and your PPC Cannon, then watching it explode and become a huge flaming pile of metal rubble on the ground.

The A.I had one problem though, it is programmed to only move when you do. So you can easily cheat by getting in firing range with it, (which is out of it's) and then blow it up.

The graphix are another feature that appealed to me. This game wouldn't be so great if Mujo wasn't such a talented artist. The mechs themselves are very nice, and the still mechs in the menu's and mission selects are even better. The explosion's blast radius is something I have tried to draw but never could. (good work)

====Sound And Music====
Another good feature (yes another) are the sounds in this game. There is a footstep sound for every time your mech's leg hits the ground, a splashing sound when you walk through the water. Lest we forget the EXPLOSIONS! They are massive, and the sounds fit them perfectly. Two of my favourite sounds are the changeing weapon sound and the sound for a new letter at the Megabytes intro.

It's only a demo so I can't say much but from what I have seen, when the full version comes out it will be a masterpiece!

A great game. I will definitly have to look out for the full version, and put it on my "to look out for list."

Bugs (i only found 2):
* If you shoot lasers while standing on water it goes underneath (layer problem)
*If you press F2 and don't save, your missions will still be there

====What I would like to see====
Maybe a map maker in the full version, otherwise it's near perfect.

For everyone reading this review DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

-Assault Andy

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