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Pack Man is Getting Tough
Author: Bear Cub Submitted: 11th October, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 54

Edited By eran1103 on 10/14/2006

Edited By eran1103 on 10/11/2006

You play as Pack Man. Your factory is in danger! many strange machines had appeared from the packing machines and you must stop it!
Move through 4 levels in the way to destroy the mother machine, and save the factory.
In the way collect bonuses and ammo in order to beat the enemies.

The game was made for the TPS contest at

Version 1.7
Instructions in the game.

My website:

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 (3.2mb )

Posted by Moonyjacob 11th October, 2006

i can't extract it
Posted by Hempuli 11th October, 2006

This is not very good game... the gameplay is sort of buggy and some graphics doesn't fit to the game.
Posted by Bear Cub 11th October, 2006

U.2 little bro - right, but now the file is working
Hempuli - How did you play the game already..? or you say so due to the screenshots?
Posted by Johnny Look 11th October, 2006

Sorry but I agree with Hempuli.
That's your first game right ?
Posted by Johnny Look 11th October, 2006

Sorry I just took a look at your profile.
Forget the stupid question.
Posted by Bear Cub 11th October, 2006

my first game?!!?! is that looks like my first game? I even used sines and cosines for accurate directions!
Posted by steve 11th October, 2006

The story line sounds fantastic!
" Your factory is in dangerous! "

Posted by Werbad 11th October, 2006

OMG! You used math in programming?
Anyways, This was one of the easiest and most boring games i've ever played...
There were lots of graphical glitches (as seen in screen 6) and you even used Library graphics at some parts...
As Hempuli said, Not a very good game
Posted by steve 11th October, 2006

Before making a game in this perspective you need to learn how to bring an item to the front or back at runtime using Y co-ordinate comparrisons between objects.

You also need to understand about setting "action points" so that when the character fires his gun it doesnt come out of his bum! lol :S

Nice try for a first game though (but remember not to use those awful library graphics )
Posted by Bear Cub 11th October, 2006

Werbad[Nordigic]- Yes I used the library graphics only for these houses at the background...Is that really bad?

steve-did I make the front and back wrong with the packman and the enemies...?

I can fix that too about the start position of the fire

***This is absolutely not my first game***
Posted by Bear Cub 11th October, 2006

well that's strange, but this happen only on your computer. works fine for me.
Posted by AndyUK 11th October, 2006

on my computer pacman turned into jesus and then gave me a hug. (well ok that didn't happen)

well, i didn't enjoy it much, it seems to be an ok game but nothing more than one of those games you play once and delete.
Pacman (or packman) is too large in my opinion. and the gun turns upside-down when it's facing left for some reason.
also i saw major slowdown whenever those red fireballs on springs went past.
it crashed on level 2.
Posted by markno2 12th October, 2006

Download keeps timing out
Posted by markno2 13th October, 2006

The cinematics were good quality and the game was rather funny. It was really short though.
Posted by Moonyjacob 14th October, 2006

ahh it is working again!
Posted by Moonyjacob 14th October, 2006

could not be bothered to play it after screen 2 |-)
Posted by Bear Cub 14th October, 2006

Your too much strict in your comments guys
Posted by DaVince 15th October, 2006

Well, I didn't really like the game. It was too repetitive in gameplay, and the graphics kinda clashed. MS paint-like main character, but vector robot enemies and photoshopped background together don't look too good.

The intro looked promising, the game itself isn't that good. Ah well.
Posted by Ciara Hall 2nd November, 2015

Nice article on
Comment edited by Ciara Hall on 02/11/2015





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