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The Mollusc
Author: Bear Cub Submitted: 4th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 68

Edited By eran1103 on 12/5/2005

Here is my newest game so far: The Mollusc.
great name ha ?

In this game you should avoid from the spines and the monsters and at the same time you should collect the keys to the gate to pass the level and move on. (Have a look at the screenshots)

-Has 23 LEVELS !!!
-Has amazing sound effects !!
-Very nice and smooth graphic IMO (100% made by me )...
-High Score table! (mine: 1824!!!)

so for what are you waiting for?
download it right now and I'm sure you won't regret on it
Good luck.

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Posted by Bear Cub 4th September, 2005

how did you upload it so quickly !? xd thx bout posting it in the home page :)
Posted by Mephistex 4th September, 2005

Its an ok game but there's nothing too exciting about it. Nice clean style, though the antialiasing around the player character just makes it look like he's got a bit smudged.
Posted by Bibin 4th September, 2005

I think it makes him look like he got plastered into flash player version 5, on low quality. not a bad game tho.
Posted by Bear Cub 5th September, 2005

plastered? lol :D I know this isn't that exciting but it worth to worth to play it :)
Posted by reuti 5th September, 2005

Cool man! I won all the levels yay :)
Posted by Airflow 7th September, 2005

It's cool when you know something's cool, ha? X)
Posted by reuti 7th September, 2005

Posted by Bear Cub 7th September, 2005

more c&c please :)
Posted by Bear Cub 8th September, 2005

I discovered something: only who press on "DOWNLOAD" consider as someone who download the game, but: If you press on the link under the game, the download counter is unchanging
Posted by Bear Cub 8th September, 2005

so actually 75 people downloaded this game !!! xd look here:





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