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X Creature
Author: Bear Cub Submitted: 26th July, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 134

Edited By eran1103 on 12/5/2005

New! Version 1.8, final!

Hello everybody, here is my project - X Creature.
this is a platformer game which made by me, Eran Avraham, with Multimedia Fusion.
here is a quete from the plot of the game:
"You must help X creature to pass all the obstacles in the way to 'The Mustard',
beat him and make sure the spell will cancel ..."
so come on, move from planet to planet and beat the evil mustard !

About the game:

-It's called X Creature
-It's a platformer
-The game have a static engine, what means - better movement!
- 14 fully levels
-Has a save feature
-Has a high score

-it's has a plot!
-The game include cool musics and sounds in every level!
-Invested graphics, which made by me

so, for what are you waiting for? Good Luck !!!

please notice me for any suggestions or bugs, and I will make a new version. thx.
my E-Mail:

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Posted by Yai7 27th July, 2005

Your'e an Israeli! Me too! ^_^
Posted by mojofltr 27th July, 2005

Bad link(?)
Posted by Nuklear41 27th July, 2005

gfx ok......
Posted by Windybeard Games 27th July, 2005

looks good, should try and keep away from lib explosions, they stand out a bit, looks good though.
Posted by Bear Cub 27th July, 2005

Antworx - maybe you right about the libs, but I can't draw explosion myself ;) thx about the comments guys :-)
Posted by Ski 27th July, 2005

Its a pretty good engine! I do agree with Nuklear.. graphics ok.
Posted by Bear Cub 27th July, 2005

Link has been changed ! thx DD go ahead...more comments
Posted by Hill Gigas 27th July, 2005

Is that Warmech I see in that screenshot? ;) Thumbs up!
Posted by Bear Cub 27th July, 2005

what is it Warmech?
Posted by DaVince 27th July, 2005

Download's out. :(
Posted by The Chris Street 27th July, 2005

It reminds me a lot of a freeware platformer called Glace. I don't really like the engine however, its really crude IMO.
Posted by Bear Cub 28th July, 2005

I've never heared about game that called glace anyway... it doesn't's just that the creature pretty big :-)
Posted by Yikes 28th July, 2005

Um, sorry man, I didn't like this at all. Good movement, but the rest was kind of bad. The graphics you made yourself was good, but you took some gfx from tgf and stuff, explosions, water, the planet and stuff. And the music was midis ripped from different games, I know, I've had them myself once. I just say that you should make all gfx yourself, use more good music, like mods, it, xm, etc. and don't use path movement on the boss.
Posted by Bear Cub 28th July, 2005

hey, Crazy Mushrooms, I can't draw explosions or water drop, or planets...I know it's looks pretty extraneous but it's still nice (imo :-)) and only 2 / 5 bosses have path movement xd and imo musics are fit in the game
Posted by Ecstazy 28th July, 2005

Yay another Israeli! :) I'll check out the game later.
Posted by reuti 1st August, 2005

Everyone must play! :D





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