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Author: Hempuli Submitted: 12th September, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 631
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Edited By Flava on 9/12/2006

As you see from the screenshots this game is REALLY ascetic.
You can't see any WhizzBang effects, or even hear anything special, and I hope you don't mind (because of those things).
The idea of this game is to complete puzzles.
The idea in every puzzle is to write a correct word and press ok.
-No capital letters!
In the first levels you must just think, but soon you have to take screenshots and etc. I have tried to make the game so you don't confuse too much.
The puzzles are very hard sometimes, so feel free to email me to There is only one little extra waiting the completer.

Hope you have fun

Sorry about that annoying host, i can't trust sitesled nowadays...

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Posted by izac 25th September, 2006

I'm stuck on level 7(the one with the Na)

I've tried:Sodium but it doesn't work!!

any clues? or maybe an answer?
Posted by Butt Head 25th September, 2006

you're right, na is sodium but there's another term for it as well. try googling "na". as for me, i still don't understand the happy man level. i believe i'm over thinking it. can someome possibly mail me the answer?
Posted by BudFern 25th September, 2006

Fun game. I'm stuck on the word square with no letter in the center. Any help?
Posted by Taofeld 27th September, 2006

Been stuck on Happy Man for many days now
Posted by KevinHaag 27th September, 2006

im stuck on level 3... can anyone help?
Posted by MJK 28th September, 2006

I\'m not sure but didn\'t the Happy Man level have something to do with religous.. not sure though. Wordsquare should be pretty obvious when you just try to re-order the letters and don\'t mind about them being in square.

By the way, for everyone interested in the game, there will be a totally new version called Abstractica˛ out form Hempuli and myself very soon with loads of new mysterious levels to discover..! If you\'re interested in beta-testing and if you have completed at least 15 levels of original Abstractica, please contact me as soon as possible (mjkgames(at), please state your age in the msg). We are arranging a beta-test for A˛ where the goal is to determine the perceived difficulty of the various levels. Beta-testing group will consists of some 8-16 testers and it\'s planned to start on 2.-5. October, so that\'s pretty soon!

The new version will feature a limited \"tip\"-option, in total of 250 levels, a save option, more variety in the riddles and continous online support for stuck situations.. It should be released on 10.-15. October.
Posted by KevinHaag 28th September, 2006

now im stuck on level 6.. anyone? help please
Posted by MJK 28th September, 2006

Kevin, please describe what kind of level that 6 was? I can give you a hint, but I can\'t recall what was the level about..
Posted by Hempuli 28th September, 2006

Sorry to everyone who has needed help and who haven\'t got any. My computer doesn\'t like TDC very much for some reason, so i haven\'t reached the community.

It is great to see that you have helped each other.
@Kevin: It\'s an anagram, and the answer is something dead...

Happy man level: How could you write that happy man?
Head is O, hands |...

@X_sheep: When you watch that picture for about 30 secs, and then close your eyes, you can see a very familiar guy...

@Markno: There\'s letter E!!!!!!!

@thewreck: what is asil anom upside down? There\'s two styles...

Posted by KevinHaag 28th September, 2006

what about level 8? i cant see any letters there
Posted by KevinHaag 28th September, 2006

level 11? anyone? help!
Posted by KevinHaag 28th September, 2006

hurry i need the answer
Posted by MJK 29th September, 2006

Is the level 11 the one with the black screen? If that\'s where you\'re having problems, the tip is: explore the screen carefully with mouse

Kevin, if you want to have tips to the levels your stucked in, please tell shortly what kind of level that is, because I\'m not sure which one of them was actually level 11..
Posted by Hempuli 29th September, 2006

Do what MJK said... Explore the screen very carefully..
Posted by KevinHaag 29th September, 2006

im on level 14 now... it has a blank white screen and its not the heaven one
Posted by Hempuli 30th September, 2006

have you listened if there\'s some sound?
Posted by X_Sheep 30th September, 2006

I still hate optical illusions. What's the answer?
Posted by MJK 1st October, 2006

Hmm.. is the spiral-level or..?

By the way, just to remind you all that Abstractica˛ is coming soon. More info at
Posted by markno2 4th October, 2006

I don't get the number one (shown in screenshot)

Posted by Hempuli 5th October, 2006

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th October, 2006

I had half the Clickteam chat room trying to solve the later puzzles for me. "is!4_ 773ds" - that's almost "Spell this!" upside down, but I've no idea what an upside down T/t should be.
Posted by lembi2001 8th October, 2006

I dont get the Na one.
Posted by markno2 8th October, 2006

I don't get the number one shown in screenshot HELP PLZ!?
Posted by lembi2001 8th October, 2006

figured out the Na one now. the numbers relate to the number of letters in the alphabet
Posted by Hempuli 10th October, 2006

Select route a, b, c?
Posted by markno2 11th October, 2006

Wait now I'm stuck on the "which one (line) is the longest" I've tried A,B,C and put "none" and "same length" etc... Help plz?
Posted by AfterStar 11th October, 2006

For some reason the answer was "all"...which doesn't make sense as an answer to a question that asks,which one is the longest.

In my opinion,if they are all the same length then none of them is the "longest" so the answer should really had be "none",I don't think you can say "All of them are the longest",there can be only one or none.
Posted by AfterStar 11th October, 2006

I'm stuck at a level with a white screen,with a birds singing sound effect.

(bird/s = bird and birds)
I tried answers such as, bird/s,white bird/s,bird/s singing,bird/s whisteling,bird/s song,bird/s calls,bird/s ringing and many more can't remember now.

I can't possibly tell what kind of bird is what's the answer? Or any hints?
Posted by MJK 12th October, 2006

If I recall it right (Hemp can correct me if I'm wrong..) on the bird singing level you shouldn't think it so specifically, e.g. is it bird/which kind of bird is it...instead, you should try to think of more general term to that sound. This level took a lot of time for me too, because the answer is not the most obvious one by far.
Posted by markno2 12th October, 2006

Yeah now I'm stuck at the bird one as well.
Posted by Hempuli 18th October, 2006

this game is SOOO bad. I still can't believe it won GOTW. So sorry, there's A LOT of strange things.
Posted by DaVince 17th December, 2006

Posted by Hempuli 26th December, 2006

Posted by sarah badge 10th January, 2007

can anyone help with the Na puzzle?
Posted by Stevil22 11th January, 2007

i'm stuck on lvl 3... is everyone referring to this as the happy man? If so, the hints are only making me more confused
Posted by vinny the ring 17th January, 2007

omg level 16 with the birds is impossible. i might be thinking too deeply. didn't the little disclaimer in the beginning say that the game had no sound effects?
Posted by Fran McCoy 18th January, 2007

sarah badge: its short for a material, but what is that material classified as?

Stevil22: not every answer uses letters.

vinny the ring: it does say that, so what makes that level different?

Also if anyone could help me out with 18, the inverted yellow ball, it would be much appreciated.
Posted by Ando 19th January, 2007

Posted by Kineticboy2001 22nd January, 2007

I'm stuck on "How many of these here still is?"

I'm a bit confused by the sentence... I think it means to say "How many of these are left?" but even then I don't remember what one I'm on out of the, what was it, 250-something questions?

Of course I could be wrong in assuming the sentence is grammatically incorrect. Maybe it's supposed to be that way as a clue. Either way, I'm lost.
Posted by HikingStick 1st February, 2007

Kinetic, remember that some puzzles may not be what they appear to be. Perhaps the words are only a distraction...
Posted by HikingStick 1st February, 2007

As for me, I'm still trying to figure out the "Spell this!" (upside down and backwards) from around level 40. I've tried numerous leetspeak variants and character substitutions, but with no success...
Posted by HikingStick 3rd February, 2007

Well, I just finished Abstractica, and am ready to move on to Abstractica 2. Thanks, Arvi, for helping me on the upside-down-and-backwards "Spell this!". Thanks for a wonderful diversion!
Posted by jassy 4th February, 2007

Argh, I have been stuck at level 42 (upside down "spell this!") for long time. Does the answer contain both letters and numbers?
Posted by Juliette 10th February, 2007

can anyone help me on lvl 17?? the one right after the bird sound one..
Posted by Juliette 10th February, 2007

ok i got 17, now i am on the Magic eye one
Posted by Hempuli 18th March, 2007

OMG, this has still discussion?! I'm shocked

But continue!
I can tell you the answer to 'spell this!'
because it's so stupid. It's s!yt 77ads.
Posted by nooblet 4th March, 2008
Rated :

Yeah, I'm also stuck at the magic eye one! :<
How many levels are there?
Comment edited by nooblet on 3/4/2008
Posted by nooblet 6th March, 2008
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Posted by erghhhhx 30th July, 2008
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Awesome game. Though lev 6&7 were way too easy.

Gah, and 9 was just silly... =P

aaaa, the kongo one... dont get it.
Comment edited by Toxic Avenger on 7/30/2008
Posted by Toadsanime 5th April, 2009

Has this been re-uploaded at all, may I ask? This looks interesting to me, and I've only just had a look at it, though the link no longer works.





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