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A day outside (1 frame beta)
Author: Hempuli Submitted: 27th July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 211

Edited By Hempuli on 3/18/2007

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Edited By Hempuli[Reactor productions] on 7/27/2006

Hi everyone,

I have been silent quite long time(what a good thing),
but now i have to bother the community.
I'm making a point'n'click game, and the engine
looks pretty good in my opinion, but i need feedback!
So if you have time, please test and comment.

The story is not ready yet , but the base is that the hero, Adrian, has been playing computer for 2 weeks, and one day he decides to go outside. It is going to be hard, as you can see even from this beta
Your point is to get outside in that first frame.

Left mouse button: take items, use items etc.
Right mouse button: unactivate choices.

I haven't found anything better.
some advice for the downloading site:
-You must wait some seconds before downloading;
the timer is shown at the center of the site.

If you have time and mind (oops, don't mind!) from the host, please download!
For those who do, enjoy!
Thank you

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Posted by Hempuli 27th July, 2006

Is that a decent description? If it's not, what should i do with it to improve?
Posted by DaVince 27th July, 2006

Seems good enough to me, and it's accepted now.

Posted by 27th July, 2006

Looks good, soon downloading!
Posted by Werbad 28th July, 2006

Pretty good!
Onlythin i didn't like was that the character didn't walk over to things when he did them (picking up objects, etc)
Posted by Hempuli 28th July, 2006

yup, that's true, but.. but..
*sob* I dont know how to do that wisely!
Exellent, it is accepted!
Posted by Nova Soft 28th July, 2006

LMFAO, try speaking to Billy bob, that is classic!
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 29th July, 2006

pretty awesome. now get it done! Fast! I want to play it!
Posted by Hempuli 29th July, 2006

Thank you from these exellent feedbacks!!
Posted by gully 29th July, 2006

I liked it a lot! I hope we'll see a full version someday!
Posted by Mruqe 31st July, 2006

Dude! This probably is the best graphics I ever saw in a klik adventure game. Thumbs way up! I'm looking forward to see the whole thing.
Posted by Nioreh 1st August, 2006

I was doing a short point & click game for a friend. I never figured out how to do conversations though. I solved the picking-up-from-far-away problem by forcing the player to be near an object to pick it up. Not the best way, but it feels better than being able to magically pick things up from across the room.
Posted by Mruqe 1st August, 2006

A nice way to pull off a point and click adventure in klik product is to make it in first person perspective. The distance between the character and objects doesn't matter anymore as he dosen't appear on the screen at all.
Posted by Shipuli 4th August, 2006

hah. i like it it's very nicely done. i hope i'll see the full version soon ;P
Posted by Hempuli 27th August, 2006

Axel, you reatard!
Posted by awesomeasapossum 26th December, 2006

Update the link! I'd like to see this!
Posted by Hempuli 18th March, 2007






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