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Author: MIG2 Submitted: 20th December, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 1092
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By MIG2 on 01/05/2006

DOUBLE DRAGON "Fists of rage"

Jimmy and Billy Lee have to find and rescue Marian who was captured by a mysterious guy .

Controls are explained in the game.


- Homemades gfx ( NO RIPPED ONES )
- 1 or 2 players game
- Joypad or keyboard
- Pseudo-3D environment
- Lots of attacks ( punches,kicks,grabs,throws, whirlwind kick etc.. )
- Lots of weapons may be used by both enemies and players
- Interestings and strategic "stages design" (holes,stairs,different levels)
-The enemies have an AI

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Posted by The Chris Street 20th December, 2005

How does this guy churn out great game after great game on an almost daily basis?!
Posted by sylzayz 20th December, 2005

...your games are good looking indeed..but its a little to slow paced. make the movements and attacks faster and it will definetly be more enjoyable !

hehe good work though !
Posted by 20th December, 2005

wow, this is one of the best ive seen here.
Posted by Hayato - DGTal Factory 20th December, 2005

Nice graphics and a good game engine. Pity playability left me disappointed, tho. The pace is slow, you walk a lot and there are way too few enemies altogether on screen (usually 1 or 2 - and this oughtta be a final fight game, not a street fighter clone, right?), but you lose energy very quickly if they manage to get you. The first boss killed me one life in 2 seconds by grabbing and threw me in the hole. Unfair. You either play perfectly, or get smashed. And speaking of holes, the game has some bugs. I fell in a hole once and lost 4 lives because the game apparently continued to recreate billy just over the above mentioned hole. He got killed without even getting to appear on the screen. In another occasion I picked up the bat, that was overlapping a dropped knife. Billy got BOTH the knife and the bat but couldn't hit anymore, the animation was broken. I had to be knocked to get rid of the weapons and be able to hit again.
This game could be GREAT, please fix it!
Posted by hishnak 20th December, 2005

sylzayz, the attacks in the old games were slow.

Nice game
Posted by Windybeard Games 20th December, 2005

Looks amazing, if all the gfx are original then you deserve a medal!
Downloading now!
Posted by Peblo 20th December, 2005

Yay for Miggy!
Posted by danjo 20th December, 2005

hmm, original gfx - does that include directly copying them?

im not disputing you drew them yourself, but everything including backgrounds are not exactly original are they? - you may as well ripped them imo.
Posted by hishnak 20th December, 2005

yes, I partly agree. If you copy all the animations thats not really cool...
Posted by Kai Proton 21st December, 2005

This is ACE this is the Kinda Game Ive wanted to do since my Days in AMOS,

Amazing, totally Amazing.
Posted by Iv4n 21st December, 2005

Woah! It's SO Double Dragon! Great game! I like it very much. Somehow this game manage to bring me back to those days with the original DD...

Two things I dislike though. The first one is that you can't resume from where you play last (or select a level from the world map). Yeah, it's like in the original DD, but daargh. And maybe if I can beat it, this may change, I don't know yet.. And the second thing is the music.
Posted by Hempuli 21st December, 2005

Great game! I love your style
Posted by Hill Gigas 21st December, 2005

Homemade graphics? Dude, those look like the real thing! What program did you use? Regardless, it looks great.
Posted by Bartman 21st December, 2005

Just a glitch or two here and there, like getting stuck after grabbing someone (Fixed by leaping up) and this one time I fell down beside a ladder instead of going down it, and died, and I guess it respawned me off screen, which made me lose a life.

Plus the enemy AI is useless if you corner an enemy and wallop them when they try to get up (They dont shove you off on their way up?)

Otherwise, this is a great fan game. Good graphics, and I hope to eventually do 2 player on the game
Posted by Jason Orme 21st December, 2005

Posted by Jason Orme 21st December, 2005

Well, I got past lvl 1 after kicking abobo into the pit. But I stated the second lvl, and there was a digger. No enemies, no "Go ->" and the screen would not scroll.

What am I meant to do?
Posted by 21st December, 2005

He uses MMF i thinks, maybe TGF for this... insane. I think I love you Mig.
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 21st December, 2005

Best fangame ev0r.
Posted by MIG2 21st December, 2005

Hi everyone
I lack time i cannot answer right now .

Jason you must use the "ladder" on the top of the screen to going on .
Posted by Jason Orme 21st December, 2005

Amazing, I love it.

I got to Mission 5.

The backgrounds are beautifully done, and the game really does feel like a double dragon game.

Some things to improve on it are.

- Possible 1up after each mission.

- Like I mentioned before, at the start of mission 2 you might want to make the ladder abit more clear, maybe have an enemy climb down it.

- I had the axe throwing enemy in the pool area get stuck behind a wall abit off screen. happened on both occasions.

- Possible when you die you just repeat the lvl again. (think of it as the arcade version of the game, rather than console versions).

All in all, amazing. I wont review it until i've compelted it. But it really was worth the wait.
Posted by hishnak 21st December, 2005

Hmmm...a bit annoying how there's no save though. One thing, I got attacked by a whip dude and they just sat there and took out my whole life bar whipping me over and over again and I couldn't move because I was stunned or something.
Posted by Noyb 21st December, 2005

Fun game, great engine, but the enemies have lots of cheap hits as mentioned. Maybe there could be a practice mode where you can continue at the beginning of a level if you lose all of your lives, but can't unlock any of the bonus features if you win?
Posted by AndyUK 21st December, 2005

damn you for releasing this just as i released my game.
it's good though.
Posted by Zethell 22nd December, 2005

Some of the graphics dosnt fit in..
But its really nice done :]

(Thumbs up)
Posted by AndyUK 22nd December, 2005

That needed to be said twice.
Posted by Jason Orme 22nd December, 2005

Also, here is another thing to improve on.

When entering a new frame, have it fade or somthing instead of appearing in the next area instantly.

As for cheap hits, the player too has them "flying kick" for example. The cheap hits is reminiscent of the DD games, where you could often get beat none stop until you die.
Posted by Hill Gigas 22nd December, 2005

LOL, you stayed true to some things that some people might not even notice. In the original games I was always so scared and careful watching next to ledges and ladders because it was SO easy to tumble off and lose one of those precious few lives! You have stayed true to that, I HATE walking next to these ledges!!!
Posted by Jason Orme 22nd December, 2005

and the water hazards... still anoying as ever.
Posted by Jason Orme 22nd December, 2005


(*hint hint* With the engine remark)
Posted by sylzayz 22nd December, 2005

about that comment hishnak (sylzayz, the attacks in the old games were slow.)

in fact they were not THAT this game its horrible...though i didnt deny the great effort that must have been taken to create the whole game.

he made a great job indeed, but if the graphics are ripped...eash..

Posted by Dogzer 22nd December, 2005

hehe this is cool =
Posted by Jason Orme 22nd December, 2005

The graphics are not ripped, but more inspired.

Look at the female enemies in the game, then look at the female enemies from streets of rage 3.

Look at the agents, then look at the ones from streets of rage 3.

Not rips, but based off.

I personally see nothing wrong with that.
Posted by Iv4n 23rd December, 2005

I personally don't see those gifs.
Posted by Peblo 25th December, 2005

Yay for Miggy!
Posted by GrieferSutherland 25th December, 2005

fun, simple game
Posted by Roger Messner 26th December, 2005

Excellent job! This has to be one of the coolest and best-playing fan games ever made. I honestly felt like I was playing a true Double Dragon sequel. The sprites and backgrounds were very well done, and it was refreshing to see how you mixed the enemies up quite a bit so that it didn't feel like you were fighting the same guys over and over again. I appreciated you putting one of my favorite game tunes of all time in the second level -- the second stage theme from Konami's Jackal!!!

I really liked your Haunted Castle games, and it looks like you've come a long way since then... especially in the gameplay department. I thought this game had a better feel than the originals, and was a tad more fair. You hit everything on the nose. I look forward to your next release!

Very fun game. Keep up the great work, Mig!
Posted by axel 26th December, 2005

Great job.
Posted by MIG2 28th December, 2005

Hi everyone !

I'm sorry i couldn't answer sooner , i was off .
Thanks for the congratulations

Some peoples say that there are not enough enemies at same time on the screen .When too many enemies fight together that causes engine slowdowns .

Shroomlock i only use the MMF default drawing stuff.

Some peoples ( a lot) think that there are not enough lives.. I can give a tips to restart or select the stage you want with the number of lives you want.Just ask for it in a mail

Thanks for the review Jason , you're comments are interesting.You re right ( for street of rage 3).The Wrestlers are inspired of Rushing beat 3 SNES and the Last boss is an extrapolation of a Ninja Gaiden ( arcade ) enemy.An open source ? Why not i'll think about it (I must change a lot of gameitems names , since most of them are real bullshits ).Some extensions are needed,like the LAYER Object .

I know there are few bugs . I will try to overcome most of them .

Thanks Deadguy You're right such a game cannot be made with TGF . The number of events required is totally impossible to reproduce on tgf. Long time ago i made a Beat them up on tgf : SILVER KATANA .You can download here. It's very cheap and bad coded

Someone noticed there's a Jackal tune in the game .
Well done Roger

Posted by AndyUK 31st December, 2005

looks like you're going to win this weeks gotw, well done for making such a good game MIG2.
Posted by Joshtek 2nd January, 2006

Great game, but saving and arcade-style replaying after death would be nice. You did a good job of making it feeling like a classic fighting game (very Streets of Rage) - maybe too good a job.
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 4th January, 2006

oh dear, this is really...
Posted by 4th January, 2006

amazing? I'd say. This is my hero, all I did back in the day was play double dragon, battle toads, and battletoads vs d0ouble dragon. This game rox my sox. You really should make an open source kind of a game like this, that way, all the people here who suck at making these kind of games will be better. Good Job Again.
Posted by Jason Orme 5th January, 2006

Zap? Whats up with the review?

I'd suggest scanning your computer for viruses, spyware/adware or maybe just hurling it out of your window, as 1980s vintage systems may struggle with the basic of tasks.

There is no slow loading at all, this comes down to your computer, and as for unbalance, have you ever played a double dragon game? Its a near perfect conversion.

Learn to write reviews in future before embarassing yourself.

And if the whole concept of changing Konami to Konamig is confusing to you, then I kind of makes me wonder how you managed to find that sign up button to even start trolling this place in the first place.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 5th January, 2006

Wow this game is AMAZING, This year i really have played very few games at all that have impressed me from the click community, and no games that have kept me playing and playing.
I think i've attempted to beat this game atleast 5 times, Only game thats kept me coming back for more and more.
Beauitful Graphics, gives me an arcade/retro feel and i love it, does great justic to the DD series and the Engine is WOW!

Great work MIG2, Keep it up this game is awesome.

Zap: WTF? The game ran PERFECT on my computer, don't blame the issues of YOUR computer on the game, This game deserves no less than a 9.
Posted by mnbvcx 5th January, 2006

great game that ever made in mmf 1.5 mig2 you are the man for this game

continue this way
Posted by mrpectate 8th January, 2006

I've been looking forward to this release for awhile, and it's everything I expected. As usual, this MIG2 game is also a whole lot of fun to play, and yet another *TOP DOG over at HOTU!

"MIG2" is a *TOP DOG!

Thanks for all the hard work you put into your games MIG2, and for sharing them
Posted by Mike Haggar 17th January, 2006

Obviously everyone knows this game is mega sweet. Mad respect to MIG2. However, after switching the game over to hard the game is well... quite hard. I kinda thought people were being a bit whiny about the difficulty until I had played the game several times. Other than the 2 lives that I'm aware of in the game it seems kinda lame that you have to complete the game like that taking into consideration inevitable falls from high places which cause instant deaths and such. If you could email me some of those codes or whatever when ya get a chance that'd be super. Double Dragon ruleezzz!
Posted by Jason Orme 24th June, 2006

Still think about this game from time to time.

I cannot wait for your next creation, you are the best!
Posted by Luc Patenaude 18th March, 2014

I do not think that this project has been updated in over 9 years.

Would not be surprised if it is not his, anymore.

Plus, the download link is not valid and, button is no longer active.

Posted by leonardosilva 1st April, 2014

What happened to MIG2? He disappeared...






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