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Castlevania Haunted Castle 3
Author: MIG2 Submitted: 18th June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 1646
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Edited By MIG2 on 01/05/2006

Castlevania Haunted Castle 3 is an Action/adventure game
Can be played with Joypad ( 3 buttons )or Keyboard.

The game have save data saves
Life time is about 12 hours .

The game was made in 2001.There are personal graphics but also ripped .
For a good balance between sounds and musics you must go in the windows volume controller : then
-- WAVE 100%
-- MIDI 30%

You are Trevor Belmont and your bride was captured by a Fallen Angel.You must now reach Castlevania and defeat Dracula ...
In this game you will travel all around Transylvania. You will found items and subweapons wich will help you to find news areas .
You can also buy new weapons. You will earn money and exp by killing monsters .The exp will be needed for reaching upper levels.

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Posted by andrew carver 20th June, 2004

Help me !!! That Giant bat in the cemetery seems to be invincible .What can i do ?
Posted by Hill Gigas 20th June, 2004

Hmmm, I think there are too many cheat codes in this game for its own good. If I swing my whip in the santuary I get magically teleported to an ice level where I die from freezing. I also stumbled into all of the cheats mentioned above. :)
Posted by MIG2 20th June, 2004

Oh what a big mistake i forgot to remove the debug keys :( :( :( :( Shadow found them "by chance" . Use them if you want but that will kill the game. Mr "return of" ;) That is more a bug than a cheat ;) What must i do ? re-upload the cheat-less game ? Andrew you need the axe it's the only weapon wich can hurt the Giant Bat .You must Kill MEDUSA in Deborah Cave ( South West part of the map )in order to get the Axe.
Posted by Hill Gigas 20th June, 2004

I would say so. It was a very frightening experience. One minute I'm in the safety of the sanctuary, then suddenly I'm being attacked by a 20ft frozen corpse hanging from ropes while his invisible minions pummel me and I freeze to death. 0_0 I'm going to need therapy.
Posted by Hill Gigas 20th June, 2004

By the way, I don't think you should remove the cheats. It's a good way to let people see the levels and bosses that you've made. Most people will give up sooner than they should due to the difficulty. I'll probably never see 90% of Lost Valley because it's so massive. Leave the cheats so people can appreciate your work. Real fans will play legit. :)
Posted by The Green Stranger 23rd June, 2004

This was pretty good. But it should have been MP3 or OGG music ;) I don't have time to write a huge review but: 7.2/10
Posted by Shadow99 24th June, 2004

I used all of the cheats... and I still can't FIND dracula!!! XD
Posted by yrudwayur 27th June, 2004

I thought this was great. I was surprised by how much it actually played like castlevania. Awesome job.
Posted by FlameCritter 27th June, 2004

a dying fetus.
Posted by Noyb 28th June, 2004

Hmm... The game doesn't revert to the saved Exp and Gold when you restore the game after dying. There's a noticable delay of a couple seconds before the save screen takes input. Bosses can suddenly appear over you for cheap hits. Belmont crouches while jumping (to make Trevor look like an idiot, hold down Fire1 and either left or right). Slightly modified default platform movement is used. It kinda looks hokey when the bride just disapppears when touched by the sniper (I think that was the monster's name from SotN).
Posted by Shadow99 28th June, 2004

big talk. little meaning. Do you think you're impressing anyone Noyb? F$%#@#$ idiot.
Posted by Steven McBride 6th July, 2004

Great game, but I'm stuck. I have the Bekerley Key, Silver Whistle, Stone Breaker, Swamp Boots, "Ancian" Book. Now where do I go next? I can visit the ruins, beat the bat and find "Room 2" with the switch, but that's all. Do I need to go somewhere else before?
Posted by MIG2 6th July, 2004

Steven ;; No you don't need anything more . The switch opens a door wich lead to a dead end !!! Use the JUMP BOOTS and find an hidden way on the top of the dead end's wall . Use also the Jump Boots for the last room. Don't Panic that place ( South Ruins )has the harder secrets of the game. The Followings are easier.. ;)
Posted by Steven McBride 13th July, 2004

I'm stuck again. I got the holy water, but have no clue where to go next.
Posted by Steven McBride 14th July, 2004

Nevermind, found the door.
Posted by Vampire Reaper 16th July, 2004

great game ! castlevania rulez ! mig2 rulez !!! thumbs up for you ! ;)
Posted by marcoB 17th July, 2004

Wahhh.. I dont know what do to,I m stuck. I got the jumping boots,the knife,the axe and the key. And I have no clue where to go next.... The libary..I dont know where, The cave south to the 1. city how do I get there?,the swamp...where are the swamp boots? The invisible to make the visible? *gnar* What do I have to do..?
Posted by MIG2 17th July, 2004

Marco go to laruba cemetery (north east of aljiba town )and destroy the giant bat with the axe ;)
Posted by marcoB 18th July, 2004

ok,got I m stuck again ^^ I got holy water,swamp boots,silver whistle,fur mantle,diamond,castle key etc.... I can enter castlevania but there is no way to get through. There is kind of a broken mirror,but i dont know what to do with it. Anyone an Idea ?^^
Posted by MIG2 18th July, 2004

Did you went to Guard Tower ? If not the road of the maze is on the fountain after the 2 cerberus . Did you destroyed the Hell Dancers and get the Spike Armor ? If yes you must get out of Castlevania and go to NORTH RUINS to get the mirror of truth. Then with the MIRROR go to Castlevania , Wing of Science . At the place with a big Painting , there you will fight the boss.
Posted by Steven McBride 19th July, 2004

I'm stuck again too. I now have access to the catacombs where I can pull a lever, but what does it do?
Posted by MIG2 20th July, 2004

the lever opens a door on the ceiling near the place you're in.there you will fight 2 lesser demons .then another lever will open another door .
Posted by Steven McBride 23rd July, 2004

I defeated the Beholder. I got access to the chapel, I found the hidden door, I used the teleporter. And now I can't pull that switch. Is this a bug or did I miss something?
Posted by Joe Williams 25th July, 2004

Good game, excellent work Mig2! Sadly I'm totally stuck now... got the holy water and can now access the art gallery place in the southwest, but all I seem to be able to do there is get myself trapped in a room after jumping up on a series of paintings, doesn't seem to be anything I can do in there! Am I missing something? Have re-explored the other areas and can't find anywhere else to go - blocked by thorns in North Ruins and haven't yet got Castlevania key - help!
Posted by MIG2 28th July, 2004

Steven : When you beat the Beholder that opens the way of STORAGE FLOOR : The entrance is in Lost Garden . Do you see where is the exit of Clock tower ? then go down and continue right . You will reach STORAGE FLOOR . Joe : ???????? when you reach the upper level of "art gallery" you must fight a monster " LIVING ARMOR " it will give you the key of CASTLEVANIA. the monster appears after reaching the middle of the room. If that not works its a bug so i will send you a save file with yours actual skills and the CASTLEVANIA KEY ;)
Posted by Joe Williams 28th July, 2004

OK I thought this might be a bug because it looked like a place where a boss should appear. Don't worry about the sending the save file, I just worked out how to edit it myself to get the key ;-) (hopefully the game won't break now...)
Posted by Steven McBride 29th July, 2004

Well, I can access the Storage Rooms/Floor, but have no clue what to do in there. If I go down the steps, I get to a closed trap door and the floor below is a dead end. If I enter the Olrox Room I get to a dead end too.
Posted by MIG2 29th July, 2004

In the dead end of Storages use the WING OF BAT you will find a secret way in the ceiling. ;)
Posted by cpunks 30th July, 2004

How do you beat Durhyann? I can't cause any damage. I have all but one items and all but one weapons.
Posted by Steven McBride 30th July, 2004

Grahhhhh, those secret passages are annoying ;P
Posted by MIG2 31st July, 2004

To beat durryan use the axe when he has the DIVING standing. Steven : Oh i see but that was the last.
Posted by Joe Williams 2nd August, 2004

Nearly there now but I just can't kill that zombie dragon. I don't seem to do any damage at all with either the whip or the holy water (and doesn't seem to be any other weapon I can use)!! Nnng...
Posted by MIG2 3rd August, 2004

Joe dont worry you're hurting the dragon . The dragon has a life greater than the max gaugemeter. the gauge will decrease when the dragon's life will be below 300 hp . Hang-on that is the very last battle ;)
Posted by Robert C. Goingo 24th October, 2004

Ok. im in the catacomb and opened a portion where i fought 2 lesser demons. How can I ever pull the next lever since it is off the ground and out of reach? i used the wing of bat but it doesnt work.
Posted by MIG2 5th November, 2004

Robert dont worry for that , when you killed the Lesser demons the lever was pulled at same time !!! pursue your road a door is opened now somewhere in catacombs :)
Posted by Robert C. Goingo 14th November, 2004

Hi8 Im back. I have a problem with the submenu. I can access it with the space button but i cannot get back to the game. I have to quit by pressing the esc key. plz help
Posted by Devernath 4th December, 2004

Oh my god......its not fair! I wish I could I make such a beautiful game as this!
Posted by Babybelmont 8th January, 2005

It's covered by a lot of bugs, for example, in the first village, pres "X" until when youwant
Posted by Eric Lehto 3rd March, 2005

I love the game, but the bugs ruin the game play and volume of the playing the game, but I'm adpated to X and C basic keyboard for attack and jump, do you have a bugless version done and ready for downloading. Plus which gaming system did you use to make the game?
Posted by Eric Lehto 3rd March, 2005

Maybe a walkthrough for the game would come in handy, It's not actually the same as Simon's Quest, I'm at the first mansion and it's harder than pot, I'm at level 4 and vampire killer, why is the price so high on the weapon, If I were making the game I would at least make them within range of when to get it, 100 for vampire, 500 chain, 1000, long chain and then 2000 for Morning Star, because of herbs and other things which cost money..the weapon are just too much money. The other thing, Too bad someone doesn't make a new game like the new Castlevia's, SOTN or Gba newest games. Those would be awsome.
Posted by Eric Lehto 3rd March, 2005

Where are the swamp boots, the liberary is through swamp and I'm confused about the dead town where the Museua is in the chuch? Where do I get the swamp boots and see the invisable enemies.
Posted by Eric Lehto 4th March, 2005

After fliping the switch in the Ruin, there's a water room without ledge, most game in invisable ledges, How do you get through that room?
Posted by Eric Lehto 6th March, 2005

Where is some of the item, afterwards the ruins I went to Mansion and Got diamond, now where to do I go? What's the diamond used for and how do I get fur mantle for snow and freezing areas.
Posted by Eric Lehto 6th March, 2005

The Daimond went to girl inside the items shop in Laura Town (SP?), After you finished there you kicked inside a snowfield, which has a boss, and I get the holy water, now where?
Posted by Eric Lehto 7th March, 2005

Never Mind, Figure it all out...but I'm still have bugs when I reach a town it throws to the snow filled you why?
Posted by UF Comtec 23rd March, 2005

Great game!
Posted by Sgt. Salsa 22nd June, 2005

Posted by Dantalion 15th June, 2006

I'm in the Clocktower. With the area's boss, Trevor dies instantly if touched by the spiked walls or by the Golem itself. How can I defeat the Golem? Is necesary to beat him in order to advance further?
Posted by vrba79 17th March, 2007

Agreed, so unplayable I can't review it.
Posted by kcuf 28th April, 2011
Rated :

Inspite of a few minor glitches this by far the best castlevania fan game I've ever played.





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