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BattleStar Galactica
Author: The Digital Alchemist Submitted: 26th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 97

This will be a multiplayer online game where you can either be a cylon raider or a colonial raptor or viper.

This is an EARLY demo which is an early test of the online engine.

You can pilot a Viper, use the chat interface, and see others fly around.

Much more to come soon, hopefully...

Hope ya like it.

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Posted by Phredreeke 27th September, 2005

Is this based on the late 70's series, or the Sci-Fi Channel series?
Posted by The Digital Alchemist 27th September, 2005

It's based on the new series, but I may include a "classic" version (since once I'm done with the engine, the graphics should be pretty easy to switch.)
Posted by Aaron Tomko 27th September, 2005

I actually liked the new series, I just thought the storyline took too long to get moving. Once they got the ball rolling, I thought it was pretty good. Now, I have nothing to compare it to as I have never seen the original aside from some of the clips on the season 1 DVD of the new version. Any ways, Digital Alchemist this actually looks quite promising. I'm curious to see how the combat works.
Posted by The Digital Alchemist 27th September, 2005

This demo was just very very very basic stuff. I'm hoping that my friend can work on the models so that you can do "sumersault" turns like they do in the show. For now, I changed the main movement to more of an "asteroids" type, the thrusters can push ya sideways or backwards like in the show. The gun actal like a gattling gun (it spins up a little first, then fires. I used a few clips from the show to get it to sound "right") Next update will allow you to choose your ship, and will have firing. Thanks for trying it out! :)
Posted by Wicked Studios 27th September, 2005

Great graphics, but maybe the game would be a little better if you could downsize the ships a bit? They seem a little big, cuz when im firing at a huge target about a ships length away, there is no time to dodge, and it just wouldnt
Posted by The Digital Alchemist 28th September, 2005

I TOTALLY agree about the ship size - the game will most likely have a "zoom" effect in it, sorta like in the show, where it will zoom in and out depending on the action. maybe it will be auto, or manual zoom, not sure, still playing with it. Thanks for the input!
Posted by stuart livingston 5th September, 2006

is there weapons in the game
Posted by stuart livingston 16th September, 2006

i cant fire weapons or do summersauklt turrns





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