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Spy vs Spy
Author: The Digital Alchemist Submitted: 26th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 171

Edited By The Digital Alchemist on 9/27/2005

This is an homage to the old Spy vs Spy game that my friends and I used to play when we were kids.

I'll share a more polished multiplayer online demo in a few weeks, but due to some requests to try out the game, I've tossed this together for ya...

This will be a mulitplayer skirmish game, where you may be one of four Spy types - Black, White, Gray or Mech. Each will have their own Embassy or home base, a house, and multiple areas in which to try to eliminate their enemies. It's a combo of old and new, it should appeal to the retro gamers that have played the old Spy vs Spy games as well as the younger folk that like to run around killin' each other ...

This first download demos the basic stuff.


-Basic menu.
-Character selection. (white spy only)
-Basic level objects
-Reactive weather (with pitiful "thunder" sound effect)
-Ability to "search" objects (press up while on object)
-item pick-up
-"power-ups" (heh, hafta draw better ones)
-classic cheesy "Spy vs Spy" music and midis
- ability to enter/leave buildings

Things I'm working on/
- multiplayer (mostly done)
- traps (oh, those are fun! SPLAT! BOOOM! SQUASSSSSSSSsssssssSHHHHH!)
some of them are pretty funny, a few are a bit EXTREME...
- bots
- more levels
- weapons
- graphics and sounds
- missions

What to do:


Then, download the two files to your desktop, or any folder on yer computer. (just make sure both files live in the same spot)

Double-click the .exe to run the game.

It's pretty straight-forward.

-I'll make it so you can select your spy without having to use the mouse...for now, just click on "white spy".
- if you get the Spring-boots, you can see other parts of the level when ya jump high enough...
- you can pick up more then one umbrella at a time...oops! (Hafta stick a rule in there to make that NOT happen... )
-sometimes, ya can't drop yer umbrella
-I think I should to change the jump key to a separate key, rather then the "up + left or right arrow"
- I'll add a "mute music" checkbox (for those who detest the music)

In the finished game, you will normally be slower (thus making the power-ups more enticing)

As always, I appreciate yer comments! Thanks in advance for trying this out!

wanna become a beta tester/help me create some of my games?

Review This Download (2mb )

Posted by kjarom 26th September, 2005

Hmm...the game's promising. It was pretty fun haha I kinda liked the cheesy music, ghetto! Keep it up tho. (BTW, how it is 2MB???)
Posted by Bommut 27th September, 2005

wow I must be psychic. I was just talking about making a spy vs spy game kind of... yes. Fun =)
Posted by izac 27th September, 2005

This game is inspiring, nice job, i thought the game was really good!:)
Posted by The Digital Alchemist 27th September, 2005

Thanks for the positive comments! The reason why it is around 2 mb is that there are sprites for the other spies, other map areas,traps, and some inactive online code. Some of the traps are pretty funny, I tried to keep it "real" to the SvS concept. The music is the original midi file for the 8 bit game. ;)
Posted by MasterM 27th September, 2005

oh yeh i always loved it on the NES going to check out this one
Posted by izac 27th September, 2005

when you release this EVERYONE and I MEAN EVERYONE should link the game to there site so LOTS and LOTS of people play this game!:)MORE FUN ONLINE PLAY!!!XD
Posted by Gamelon Productions 28th September, 2005

good, somebody made a Spy vs Spy game. :) It was my favorite game when I had Commodore 64. :)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 28th September, 2005

I wove spy vs spy...
Posted by DaVince 29th September, 2005

Very buggy, but at least the gameplay is original. :)
Posted by izac 29th September, 2005

when will this game be finnished? i can't wait!!!:D
Posted by The Digital Alchemist 29th September, 2005

Last night, I totally re-did the engine, using the platform movment object rather then the vanilla one that comes with MMF. Now, the umbrella slows your fall, as well as protects you from bombs and other falling objects... For those of you who rate the game, please keep in mind that this game is supposed to be slightly "cheesy" - it's appeal is the online aspect of it, and this is just a quick glimpse of the final project...
Posted by DaVince 30th September, 2005

Did you also upload the newer version? :P I wanna play without the 'vanilla' platform engine! :)
Posted by The Digital Alchemist 30th September, 2005

Still workin' out bugs... I'll make another posting when I get a bit more done. I only get to work on this about a half hour a day... ;)
Posted by Moonyjacob 13th October, 2005

whens the real thing gonna be done?
Posted by The Digital Alchemist 17th October, 2005

It's going to take awhile, due to the complexity of the engine and the amount of graphics...Hopefully will have a new update soon... ;) I'll make a newer beta available asap, perhaps tuesday...





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