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Author: Pioupiou Submitted: 3rd June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 205

This is the zipped version of Brainless, coz some people weren't able to extract the ACE selfextracible file.
This is not a new demo, you just need to download this file in case you weren't able to extcratc the .exe file.
Enjoy, and sorry for people that had a problem with the exe file !

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Posted by zork25 3rd June, 2002

Aw.... I thought it was the full game.. =/
Posted by Pioupiou 3rd June, 2002

Well sorry Serchul, but you'll have to wait a bit. For now i have some exams to pass, and then i'll buy MMF to convert the game to mmf (so i can fix all techniqual problems), so the Final version won't be released soon... Well i think i should have written "Zip version - Not a new demo" in the title when adding this download to avoid confusion. Btw, if people dl this file and want to review it, please review the game on the older download (which already has several reviews. See ya !
Posted by zork25 3rd June, 2002

I can't wait until it's finished! It's so da*n cool!
Posted by Max 3rd June, 2002

Hey DC staff, could we repost here the reviews we've putted up for the ACE version of the game by any chance? :)
Posted by jast 5th June, 2002

I don't really think that's necessary. But I also don't think that this d/l is necessary... A comment with the url of the zip file added to the "old" download would have been enough. But that's just my opinion. Do what you want.
Posted by Pioupiou 5th June, 2002

Lighhtbringer you can see i added a comment to old download too. But since this download is really old, i don't think ppl that has prob will read it again, so how can they now i finnaly uploaded this file ? well maybe i am wrong, if so i am sorry.
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 16th August, 2002

cool game, cool gameplay
Posted by Nick of All Trades 15th October, 2002

i also thought it was the full game...





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