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Quex: 4 Colours
Author: Johan Hargne (Wartagon) Submitted: 19th June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 201

Edited By Wartagon (CrobaSoft) on 6/21/2005

Dreadbourne INC. are up to no good these days.
They're making plans about destroying whole villages to build up new factories. You are playing as Quex - a brave raindrop from a village named Soggy Meadows that are trying to prevent Dreadbourne from complete their plans.
One day, Quex flies his aircraft near the Dreadbourne headquarter to steal their most important papers. These papers contain highly classified information about Dreadbourne's future plans and the Dreadbourne company doesn't want anyone to know about the content. On the way out of the headquarter, Quex accidently triggers the alarm. Quex leaps out of the building with a bunch of guards chasing him. He manages to get to his plane.
Now he must survive the ride of his life - in the air.

This all started out when I got bored of working on Clouds Kingdom 3 and wanted to see if I was able to do a game in just 4 colours. I didn't know what to do at first, but then it came to this.
Even though that the game might seem quite simple and possibly plays like some of my other games, I'd recommend you to try it anyway. I wanted to do this game as retro as I possible could, and just a reason like that may even be fun to check out.

The game is very simple.
But if you want instructions, you can find information how to play at the 'help section' in the game's menu.

Production Company: CrobaSoft - At least you didn't pay for it !
Lead Design: Wartagon
Based on an idea by: Azokie
Graphics: Wartagon, Saven
Programming: Wartagon
Music: Wartagon

VERSION 1.1 Changes
Lives and score reset after dying.
Enemies goes off screen before disapearing
The hit animation is fixed

NOTE: If you have problems playing the game because of missing files, try downloading this file and unzip it into the game's directory;

If you are missing the dmc2.cox - go here:

For more games, please go to CrobaSoft's site at:

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Posted by hop 19th June, 2005

Hmm. There are a few bugs/things I would fix to make this look better in a game this simple. First of all: Reset the lives after you lose once! When I play another game after losing, it immediatly says game over. Also let the enemy aircraft go off the screen before disappearing. Pretty good, if simple, game though. And good implementation of the highscore board.
Posted by hop 19th June, 2005

How much did you test this? I played it again, and I noticed you could get stuck in the corners and once the inside of my plane turned permanantly invisible after being hit.
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 20th June, 2005

@hop: Thank you for poiting those things out. Actually, I did this game in just 2 days and of course there's always small bugs that will apear. I tested it as much as possible, but I never got stuck in the conrners - even though I tried like a fool. Reseting the lives is one of the few things I always manage to forget while creating a game, but I'll try to remember that in the future. I did some changes, and now the version 1.1 is now avalible for download.
Posted by Eutteck 20th June, 2005

Posted by The Chris Street 20th June, 2005

Constructive critisism please. And ah, you need to include the bass.dll as well.
Posted by Flava 20th June, 2005

Need bass.dll and can't be arsed looking for it. Gimme :(
Posted by Gamesreul 20th June, 2005

Try to make it more colorful and have it have something other than a RAINDROP be your character. Baseclly, be more creative
Posted by Cecilectomy 20th June, 2005

cannot load dmc2.COX. this object might need an external program or library not yet installed.
Posted by Tina Petersen 21st June, 2005

thought bass.dll was kinda illegal to implent in ur zip?
Posted by DaVince 21st June, 2005

@Ethan Reul: I think using a raindrop as a character is very original! And the game was intended to be as few colours as possible, seems challenging to me! Hm, the game's not bad, but it crashed after I went Game Over. :(
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 21st June, 2005

Everyone that have problems with the missing bass.dll - Please take a look at the game's description. It says: NOTE: If you have problems playing the game because of missing files, try downloading this file and unzip it into the game's directory; In there you can find bass.dll along with some other needed extensions. The reason to why I didn't include this into the game's zip is because i wanted the file's size to remain small due it is a very small game. I don't think there are too many out there willing to download a large file if it's just a smaller / simpler game.
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 21st June, 2005

@Julia Sanders: Well, I do not know about that since you can download bass.dll all over the internet.
Posted by Sean Kelly 21st June, 2005

could not load DMC2.COX...):
Posted by Sean Kelly 21st June, 2005

could not load DMC2.COX...):
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 21st June, 2005

@Sean Kelly: try
Posted by Spram 22nd June, 2005

I love the graphics in this game, they're very cute (and retro). Reminds me of a stylish Gameboy game.
Posted by AndyUK 23rd June, 2005

Nice, tricky too. i got 533 or something on my first ry and havent beaten it since lol.
Posted by matty - (pandemonium games) 26th June, 2005

the graphics are kinda cool. but after about 450 you just get pinned in annoying boring places, and when you get hit you don't get that temporary flashing invinsibility for about 1 second to get away. And you could of used a custom movement, bouncing against the side of the screen is annoying.
Posted by Gerwin Kramer 15th July, 2005

eeeks? Where my plane went?!





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