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Author: Johan Hargne (Wartagon) Submitted: 23rd February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 183

An arcade/bat & ball game with lots of improvements since the first game. Now with an online hiscore-table.

10 levels to complete (restarting at level 1 when completed level 10)
640x480 screen-resolution
New cool colors
Improved online-based hiscore-list.
New cool music, now in every level
Sound effects

Why don't you download Exon2 and start compete against others on the hiscore-list right now?

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Posted by Astral_86 24th February, 2004

These kinda games takes like 30 minutes to do :P
Posted by Willy C 24th February, 2004

comon, its probably on of hes first games, your dissing him just like youre dissing me, and ive done this click thing for 2 years. Keep up the good work Wartagon
Posted by Mingy Jongo 24th February, 2004

It's pretty good.
Posted by BullDozer 24th February, 2004

Phizzy, i really like your attitude! The game isnt so bad....justic very basic
Posted by Gaspy Conana 24th February, 2004

Awesome work, keep it up. Way better than that stupid Stump's Dentures or whatever the heck it's called.
Posted by AndyUK 24th February, 2004

phizzy look at how many have downloaded it? was you expecting to be lower than that? and necropixel, you shouldnt have even bothered typing that.
Posted by TheOneGuy 24th February, 2004

Wow, Necropixel...that was...interesting, to say the least. In any case, this game was pretty basic, but not too bad. An option for faster speed WOULD make me a happy person.
Posted by Cybermaze 25th February, 2004

This game is to say the least ... very basic. The graphics are pretty good ... but the amount of features are just too limited. Also, I personally dont like the way your "platform" moves. It is hard to navigate properly. Also the ball moves strangely and is hard to control. If the ball hits the site of a block it will often go straight down and if youre placed too far away ... well ... goodbye life. The ball has a bad tendence of moving very horizontally with no real possibility to make it go vertically (a block will help you eventually). There are dozens of these break out games out there. Not all click of course, but a bit more work on the feature set would improve this greatly, like blocks that need more than one hit, unbreakable blocks (obstacles), some blocks throw powerups like: smaller platform, larger platform, shoot ability, faster ball, slower ball, more balls etc etc. There is really PLENTY to go on ...
Posted by The Chris Street 25th February, 2004

Phizzy, don't make comments like that. Dont say "HUR HUR IT WAS SHIT!" Give reasons and constructive critisism. You have been warned.
Posted by Willy C 25th February, 2004

haha, lol, nice comback. The game is ok for a beginner, maybe he`l make a great game later this year
Posted by Gaspy Conana 25th February, 2004

That was a comeback? Anyway, only I reserve the right to comment on games like that, so I'm taking sides with Circy on this one. Daily Click, 75 Miles
Posted by Willy C 29th February, 2004

ha, gtw finalist
Posted by steve 1st March, 2004

Despite the negative (and unhelpful comments) from some people here I downloaded the game anyway. I liked the graphic style alot and the choice of C64 type tunes. Please make the paddle movement better its really bad at the moment, think about momentum. This is the main thing ruining the gameplay at the moment. The ball should slowly increase in speed the more blocks it hits. BTW I actually DID like this more than "dentures" as there is a score system! :P
Posted by csharks 3rd March, 2004

Good work .But basic game play .try to add some more features.





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