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Author: Leerz Submitted: 6th April, 2005 Favourites:0
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Its A Small App That can manipulate your wave volume
optimize or (make ur wave volume adjusting easier) with shortcuts and presets,
i also made some "Tool-tips" (made from the edit object)

-can be hidden at the taskbar
-window movable (=p) *not very amusing
-auto hide and close option
-Wave Volume is represented via Number and bar Counters
-made by me (lol)

comments would be greatly appreciated (neg or pos)
(oops freewebs... ready for some flaming )

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Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 6th April, 2005

*Takes a flamethrower* I wont flame you, I'll burn you! But this application might come in handy sometime :)
Posted by Leerz 6th April, 2005

Press "z" to reduce wave volume and "x" to increase :P
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 15th April, 2005

how about i just use my Windows Volume Control and my +/- buttons for volume on my keyboard? isnt just just as affective? not very useful to me, as theres always windows volume control only a click away too, and it can change any volume known to man kind...ok, maybe not that much, but everyone used on your pc.
Posted by Callum 2nd May, 2005

It's ok I suppose. Not much use, but still functional, so thumbs up





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