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Pepah PING
Author: Leerz Submitted: 20th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 74

Edited By Leerz on 9/20/2004

Edited By Leerz on 9/20/2004

Edited By Leerz on 9/20/2004

Pepah Games Version of The Old School Classic Game "PONG"

++ Single Player (play W/ AI)
++ 2 Player Support
++ Great Sounds *No Music Yet though
++ All Orig GFX (lame)
ayt.. thanx

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Posted by AsparagusTrevor 20th September, 2004

make sure you have forward-slashes, not back-slashes. The download doesn't work otherwise.
Posted by vortex2 20th September, 2004

It umm crashes for me. And I was so expecting this genere busting game....
Posted by Jack Galilee 20th September, 2004

Maybe go back to your offline state and make something with some spunk...
Posted by Leerz 20th September, 2004

umm... the link is working now..
Posted by BattleCat 21st September, 2004

making installers is useless for when on TDC..when i opened the .zip and saw it was installers, i just closed again and couldn't be bothered with trying the game..
Posted by 21st September, 2004

good job u deserve a gold medal get it from e bay circys treat :)
Posted by Liquixcat 22nd September, 2004

yes...installers = lazy people not trying game
Posted by Leerz 22nd September, 2004

Posted by Leerz 22nd September, 2004

ok.. i'l just zip my next games..
Posted by 醤油の兵士 24th September, 2004

it's ok, but do not use windows buttons! You can never know what visual theme a user may be using, and mine makes it almost impossible to read buttons smaller than 24 pixels in height. and I think zips are more trouble than installers:P





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