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Author: Leerz Submitted: 6th November, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 101

Edited By Leerz on 11/8/2004

Edited By Leerz on 11/7/2004

Edited By Leerz on 11/7/2004

Edited By Leerz on 11/7/2004

giv it a try..
Am Proud Of THE SFX... though the GFX is.. So-So..
its a Fast Paced Action Shoot E'm up!..
hehe.. finished it w/in 2 hours..

there are 3 weapons..
z - wipe out
space - standard shell shots
, - elctro S*@t (cant find a good name for it)

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Posted by Joshua M. 6th November, 2004

you can't die in that game.
Posted by Leerz 7th November, 2004

oh w8.. ive Upped the wrong file.. sorry.. i'l go up it back.. DONE!.. heheh.. sorry.. here's the good version of it.. :P
Posted by Leerz 7th November, 2004

comments would be greatly appreciated. :)
Posted by Coop 7th November, 2004

it's annoying that when the enemy ships get a little below you they start going at you from the side and theres nothing you can do. it's alright, too repetitive, but i didn't play for long either... going to sleep
Posted by Leerz 8th November, 2004

if you played much longer, you could have enjoyed it a li'l.. :P
Posted by Gerwin Kramer 15th July, 2005

its too much of the same. peaple of would like this more. but then you must die in the game cuz now its endless.





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