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Night Raid 2
Author: Brian Haase (FSP) Submitted: 3rd February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 52

The sequel to my pathetic attempt at a first game. However, this one is much, much better. Night Raid 2 consists of 30 waves, with a boss every 10 waves. Not counting the bosses, there is 11 different enemies. The screenshots show two of the three infantry types (Green are basics, Blue are HALO Jumpers) and the Tank Drops. There are also Light and Heavy Bombers capable of firing both dumb bombs and 'smart' bombs with some guidence. Helicopters will also be featured, making low altitude passes while attempting to drop troops or waste you with machine guns. A few more enemies are included, but you'll have to play the game to find them all.

Four weapons give you a varity of attack possibilites. The standard double shot machine gun with unlimited ammo, and three 'special' weapons that require you to collect ammo before using. The 'Quad Cannon' fires four shots in quick succession, filling the air with bullets. The 'Flak Cannon' fires slower canister rounds that detonate in mid-air, firing off a massive burst of steel pellets that rip enemies to shreds. The 'Missile Launcher' fires guided rockets that collide with aircraft and infantry, then detonate.

Six powerup types help mix things up, and you have to be careful because you can shoot them down - And then you have nothing. *Sniffle* Three of the powerups provide ammo for the special weapons. The other three are:
:: Barbwire ::
20 Seconds of Infantry-proof ground. This doesn't protect you from the other fun things though, like guided bombs, assault helicopters and tanks.
:: Support Fire ::
Fills the air with flak rounds, lasts roughly 2 seconds. Few things can survive the massive assault.
:: Health ::
Restores your HP gauge to full. This is pretty important.

The controls are very basic, Left and Right arrow keys to move, Button 1 (Shift) to fire, Button 2 (Control) to cycle weapons. You'll find the game can still get pretty difficult, keeping up with the constant onslaught and changing enemies can be very tricky.

Oh, and i'm aware the sound sucks - If your having troubles with it, just turn it off. It's not exactly key to the gameplay anyway.

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Posted by Jack Galilee 5th February, 2005

jesus thats a buggy game!
Posted by Brian Haase (FSP) 5th February, 2005

What? ... Do you think you could.. you know.. be a little freaking more specific? So maybe.. I dunno. I could fix things?
Posted by stevenb 5th February, 2005

well,i downloaded it,and none of the weapons work,one makes a firing "sound" but has no affect at all
Posted by Brian Haase (FSP) 5th February, 2005

Well, the other guns you need ammo for first.. but... D@mnit. I thought i had this fixed.
Posted by Brian Haase (FSP) 5th February, 2005

Okay, I don't understand what the problem is. I've tested it on four other computers, none of them with TGF or any clickteam products installed, and it runs fine on all of them. I had to turn off the music on one though so it didn't get stuck, but otherwise I have no problem with the guns or anything. One of the computers is ancient even, and it ran perfectly minus the music problem. And i'm pretty sure the music problem was because the stupid computer doesn't even have a sound card. Aside from that, it's working perfectly everywhere I test it.
Posted by Jack Galilee 5th February, 2005

Posted by Jack Galilee 5th February, 2005

Maybe you have a different view of perfect
Posted by Isvaffel- 6th February, 2005

I have that same bug too, when musics are on, the main weapon doesn't shoot at all. When start your game without musics playing, the game works fine. Otherwise, this is actually a good game, and rather addictive too.
Posted by stevenb 6th February, 2005

just tried that,amoung other things,and yes,without the music it works and total wasnt taking a pop at you "working perfectly " is the context he was saying it in,because its still buggy for him,most likly what i had said so there wasnt any reason to repeat it.
Posted by Brian Haase (FSP) 6th February, 2005

Well, okay. I'm sorry I reacted like that too, I'm just pissed off that I can't figure out what is causing the game to act up on some systems - I mean, how would the music do that? Maybe I linked it wrong or something?
Posted by stevenb 7th February, 2005

i dont know dude,but i have had probs with sound on some other games,but never like this,but hey,with the sound off it works and its a fun game :) good stuff chap
Posted by duomas 20th February, 2005

good game. Keep it up!
Posted by Nuklear41 6th May, 2005

I like your style.





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