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49 (level 1)
Author: AO49 Submitted: 9th December, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 60

its an adventure with puzzles and some arcade.this is only the first level of the game.
you kidnapped and they locked you in a cell. first mission is to run away from there to comlpete level one.

controls are not simple
A : action : stay over an object and press A to use it one way.
S : special : stay over an object press S to use it alternatively.
Z : cancel A
X : cancel S
to find something you have to use A over an object.
to solve puzzles use A and S every single object you see.
to use the inventory press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the object that you have in your inventory.
toggle between weapons press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.
there is one thing if you want to use pistol LEFT CLICK then to shoot press CTRL.
to use first weapon in your inventory LEFT CLICK when you over an object ( doors etc...)

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Posted by Pixel Monkey 9th December, 2004

"you kidnapped and they locked you in a cell." Me kidnapped? Oh no!
Posted by jast 9th December, 2004

Meh. Here's the deal. There was that little boy who had blond hair, blue eyes, etc. etc., so his parents really fell in love with him and called him "and you're so godlike that they just have to love you". But, when everything seemed perfect, the mother suddenly gave birth to another child - which was ugly and stupid like shit, so they hated that little evolutionary mistake and called it "and they locked you in a cell". Now the story of this game is that you kidnapped and they locked you in a cell. No need for stupid comments there. Well, probably.
Posted by AO49 9th December, 2004

no thats not the story you have to play the games you geniuses.And didnt u think that you locked in a cell for nothing i dont think so.
Posted by Blackstorm 10th December, 2004

With just a little bit of better grammar, you could make this game a piece of crap! Just remember that saying, "practice makes perfect". You will get better at TGF, if you keep trying.
Posted by AS Filipowski 10th December, 2004

Controls aren't simple eh? Well lets think, who made the game... YOU DID
Posted by Radix 11th December, 2004

Leave him alone, guys. I should think that getting locked in a cell by his parents is punishment enough for being a retard.
Posted by AO49 11th December, 2004

allright then in the game you'r not in the prison you are free OK? and nothing to do just lay down the bed in that cell and relax. No reaason for escape. I hope you are satisfied. Sorry for the grammer.
Posted by en kerro 30th December, 2004

This game is worse than my own, Forgotten Legends and that's something.
Posted by Wicked Studios 23rd January, 2005

Heres a better story for the game: AO49 is a retard, and his parents beat him to near death. So instead of killing him they locked him up in a cell, where they store all of the extra retards. I personally think its a great story to go with the game....
Posted by Wicked Studios 23rd January, 2005

Oh no wonder you parents beat you your name is Alpert Ozden. Id be my kids if that was their name too.




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