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Secret Keyboard
Author: Chris Burrows Submitted: 6th December, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 85

This program records all inputs from the keboard and saves it it a text file called keyboard.txt in your C drive.

The program can be invisible by pressing F1 and visible again by pressing F2.

This program is perfect for getting peoples passwords and other details! Infact that's the reason I made it in the first place. I really wanted my girlfriends email password! So I got her to sign in on this computer, whilst Secret Keyboard was running in the background and then when she had gone home I check the keyboard.txt output file and YEAH!

ANYWAY! This program is virtually undtectable! Unless you go control tab, and see the little icon. Or unless you co CONTROL ALT DELTE and see a program called Secret Keyboard. Damn.

Well anyway. It helped me. And now it can help you.

Oh yeah that picture is of me! One time I got in a fight and whopped the shit out of the other guy. And I had a bleeding nose and that is a photo. OK BYE!

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Posted by HOSJ 6th December, 2004

how about [ ] for TAB, ENTER, etc.
Posted by kreature 6th December, 2004

The whole I-made-this-program-to-steal-my-girlfriends-password deal kinda spooks me out. Especially the fact that you are so happy about it. YEAH!
Posted by Flava 6th December, 2004

Isn't this kind of thing illegal?
Posted by AntiChrist 6th December, 2004

thats what i call "SPYware" i can code an app like this in my sleep while shitting. no biggie.
Posted by AntiChrist 6th December, 2004

not that i shit while i'm sleeping ...its just..umm ohh man why did i even say that?
Posted by alibaba 6th December, 2004

heheh there are a few progs on here like this - keylogger and keylogger2 ;) yeah, i bet u kicked the other guy, would hate to see the state of his nose ;)
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 6th December, 2004

Amusing typo in the screenshot (it seems you have to go to drastic measures to clear the text). If you want genuine spyware I have a hardware device that plugs into a keyboard and records keystrokes undetectably, made by American intelligence no less. Cue black vans and men in suits at my door...
Posted by Bo Fu 6th December, 2004

I'm currently holding my CTR and my shit, but nothing's happening.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 6th December, 2004

Posted by Jack Galilee 6th December, 2004

why dont you fuck having that Gui thing, and make a nicer more discreet application it is posible to make it more descreet...
Posted by Weston L 6th December, 2004

What does that photo of you have to do with anything? "i got in a fight and i kicked this n00bs ass with my l337 skillz cuz i keylogged him like no other" maybe?
Posted by DaVince 7th December, 2004

I will never hold my shit. Nice prog. Is easyto create, though.
Posted by Liquixcat 7th December, 2004

i made something almost exactly like this. possibly a bit better.
Posted by Willy C 7th December, 2004

it is easily made, but a very good idea. But I would never try to steal me email pass from my girlfriend!
Posted by Silveraura 7th December, 2004

Expecially if she's ur girlfriend, she should be able to trust you. Besides, like vanilla said, this is concidered spyware, evern if you can control it, its still spyware & in many places IS illegal. Be careful Btw, making something undedectiable in MMF is easy, but like you said, it will show up when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del & Alt+Tab, but all you need to do is go into the "Application window set-up" in MMF & check "Hidden at start" Done. You have what you call an "Undetectable program". Nice feature when you want to make a MOOClient & dont want to chance closing it, or minimizing it, nor do you want to see it on your screen. I made one of those for my friend to use on his PC so that he could host the server for ArcaneTale, that didnt last very long. -.-
Posted by Radix 7th December, 2004

I helped a mate use a keylogger on his girlfriend. He had a very good reason for doing it, too. Don't jump to conclusions.
Posted by Yuhkaz 8th December, 2004

Oh well :D Its security and use at your own risk. The only person who can get in trouble for it is you for downloading and using it against anyone. Its solely your problem, not the creators.
Posted by Chris Burrows 8th December, 2004

thanks you guys, interesting critisizm and all of that. oh yeah. i only wanted to crack her password cause she guessed mine and i couldn't guess hers and she bet i couldn't get it. so there!
Posted by Chris Burrows 8th December, 2004

whoops. i didn't notice that mistake. hha hold shit! hahah
Posted by Tigerworks 8th December, 2004

If someone can guess your password, your password must have been crap. "cheese" is a crap password (guessable/dictionary hackable), "cheese26" is better but something like "ap45hdG37G" is best! (But you wont remember it)
Posted by Silveraura 10th December, 2004

Now all you need to do is add MOOClick to it. XD But then you would get in trouble, & no one would trust you again. :-P
Posted by David Evans 11th December, 2004

I got a really good password of my school and have used it ever since (so if you guess one you guess them all!) damn! shouldn't've said that...
Posted by David Evans 11th December, 2004

Anyway, this thing looks really crap, MAKE A BETTER INTERFACE!! and take off that pic of you, it's kinda saying: Look, this is me after being beaten up, see?
Posted by Garth G 3rd June, 2005

Link dont work. I would like to use this at my friend as a joke, nothing bad lol.





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