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Aliens: Hostile Encoounter
Author: Chris Burrows Submitted: 9th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 227

This is an aliens games based on the aliens movies. There is only training and 1 mission at the moment but I will do more soon.

3 Weapons - Pistol, Pulse Rifle, Smart Gun
Pulse rifle has built in grenade launcher
Lots of Aliens

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Posted by hozz 11th November, 2002

Screenshots don't work
Posted by Muggus 12th November, 2002

Nice! This is well made...pretty good! I guess it's not as good and as freaky as Alien Vs Predetor...but its getting there! This should be good!
Posted by OOOPPPs 12th November, 2002

Hey... nice game, but the aliens are too fast and strong imo, i always die when i first reach the hive place, where theres those 2 aliens that run up on the roof to ya... but great nonetheless
Posted by Brandon 14th November, 2002

this game is too hard, ou gotta weaken the aliens or noone is gonna want to play your game!
Posted by hozz 16th November, 2002

This game is something special. Keep working on it and we could be looking at a new GOTW!
Posted by Paul_James 17th November, 2002

ummm how do u get past the first door in the first level lol
Posted by hozz 18th November, 2002

press enter on the elevator
Posted by Aleksi Ruuskanen / JAR Production 4th December, 2002

This is cool game. It is challenging, and I really freaked out when the first alien ran towards me... The graphics were quite simple but still nice. Two thumbs up!
Posted by Chris Burrows 8th December, 2004

thanks guys! i am making a way better one anyway. even better than Aliens: Survival, which is the sequal to this, even though it only has 1 level.





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