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Corvus Island-level 1
Author: cielx Submitted: 23rd November, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 62

Edited By cielx on 11/24/2004

Edited By cielx on 11/24/2004

Edited By cielx on 11/23/2004

This is a not quite finished version of the first level and part of the second of Corvus Island. I thought i'd post it to see what everyone thinks, just to see if it's worth continuing.
It's a simple platformer where you take contol of Corvin the chicken in his quest to free the Blob people from the evil fox. I think there's a few bugs and i'm open to critism. Let me know what's good and what's not. After playing ninja man by jay i lost the will to carry on! It really is that good go download it! thanks Cielx
shift shift-double jump

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Posted by DaVince 24th November, 2004

Hey, not bad! A bit hard for the first level, though...
Posted by cielx 24th November, 2004

can someone let me know if this runs in full screen on there pc.
Posted by AndyUK 24th November, 2004

Yes its fullscreen on mine. This could be a brilliant game because it has great graphics and a nice tune but i think its frustrating to play. It would be ruined if you added a limited amount of lives so please dont do that but you could either make it slightly easier or make half way restart points. I think i will review this...
Posted by Joshua M. 24th November, 2004

When you get hit by two enemies at the same time you get 2 chickens
Posted by Noyb 24th November, 2004

It runs in fullscreen fine on my computer. Not bad, but there are some bugs. Double-jumping somehow stops you at the top of the screen, while jumping regularly doesn't. Also, you can't move after jumping on a moving platform, which is frustrating. Collisions somehow. The levels are pretty long to complete on one try, so take Andy's advice and keep unlimited lives, and add mid-level checkpoints. This is a very good start, however.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th November, 2004

Wow, weird story. Downloading...
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th November, 2004

This is great! Your graphics are wonderful; very snesy. The little one-eyed guys remind me of those aliens from Keen 6. :) I can't tell if you're using a custom platform engine, or a modifyed version of the default engine, but whatever it is, it works. This is a bit to hard for a first level. You should add check points or something. Also, add a health bar. ;) Sometimes, the animations get frozen. Other then that, great job. My mind powers are commanding you to complete this game! Go on. Yes that's right. STARE! O_o P.S. I loves chickens. ^_^
Posted by cielx 24th November, 2004

wow thanks for the comments everyone. and thanks to andy for the review. Firstly yes i suspected the game may be too hard so i figure i might ditch a few enemys and add a few more shield power ups. The platform engines so buggy simply because its not custom its just a modified mmf one- i know pretty appauling but i was more trying for my first real platform game rather than goin for perfection at this stage. Beleive it or not there is a mid-level checkpoint its the purple blob u hop on at the end of the first area. The second level(or part of it) is the beach. oh and andy the reason it looks like the green hill if u cant quite put your finger on it is the little flag/totem pole things. any ways thanks all for the asvice and andy for the review, just the thing i needed to give me the motivation to finish. cielx
Posted by Tongs 24th November, 2004

Fun game. I love the graphics! Glad to hear it'll be finished. ^^
Posted by AndyUK 29th September, 2008

is it done yet?






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