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Review: Corvus Island-level 1
Author: AndyUK
Added: 24/11/2004

Well the game starts instantly with no logo screen or titles. It is only a demo of course. Still the first thing was i thought was that this games used a high resolution, it after noticing the screen seemed sort of blurry it dawn on me that is was probably the Antialiasing mode in mmf which makes the game look quite nice.

One work so summarise this would be 'Frustrating' You can die in only one hit and the game doesnt leave much room for error despite being the first few levels. Maybe a few more heart powerups would help us get further?
Another one of the first things i noticed is that when you hold the jump button, the character seems to stay in mid air for a lot longer than he should. I can't remember if this was just at the start or not but it gave the impression that this game uses the built in movement and for mmf with its platform movement object, isnt acceptable.
The game played with no major bugs really, i had a probelem with one of the moveing platforms though. For some reason i couldnt jump off it because my character left and right movement got stuck as it does sometimes with the built in movement.

I really liked the graphics, it had a professional cartoony feel to it. It reminded me of green hill zone in sonic 1 for some reason and had nice parralax mountains in the background, The characters were all well drawn is a little simple and the whole screen was full with colour. The antialiasing simply added to the sheen.

Sound and music.
I heard some sound during the game and i think it was some effects from the mmf library. If not they just sounded familiar.
The music however was great. The main tune fits in with the upbeat cartoon feel well and there are other tunes for other part of the game (i think one was from megaman?) doesnt matter too much but megaman fans would spot it a mile away.

Well it is only a demo however its rock hard at the moment and if you like it you might persevere or delete it after dying once. I kept at it for a while but gave up before finishing the second level.

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