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Corvus Island(Updated version)
Author: cielx Submitted: 5th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 84

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Edited By cielx on 9/6/2005

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Corvus island is a platformer where you take control of Corvin the chicken on your quest to free the Blob people from the evil Fox.

.There are 7 levels each with 1/2 acts.

.7 boses with a variety of gameplay styles.

.Shield, Invinsibility and Life power ups.

Shift while jumping-Double Jump
Ctrl+Move-Spin attack

I've been working on this game for ages but unfortunatly it's still a bit buggy. Also i never got round to creating the Save/Load feature. Sorry.

Let me know what you all think.

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Posted by The Chris Street 5th September, 2005

A bit buggy you say? I can't even get past the first set of baddies!
Posted by hishnak 5th September, 2005

Awww man, This game would have been decent if you had just had some solid jumping. I mean, the graphics are fine the presentation was great then I got into the first level and I died twice just because of some simple bugs. I wish I could tell you I liked it but It just wasn't there. If it wern't for those bugs I'm sure this game would be nice.
Posted by cielx 5th September, 2005

Goddamn I slaved away at this game for ages. I didnt think it was that bad. I played played it all the way trough and only realy had trouble on the moving platforms. I didnt notice there was a problem with the jumping. If it's realy too hard press q at the intro and you can skip to the last level which is even harder. Man I just want some one to like it!!! When I posted the first level a few months back I got some pretty good feedback. Oh well.
Posted by AndyUK 5th September, 2005

I love it already as I loved the demo Nice graphics and music. However the built in platform movement really isn't helping the game. For instance jumping off a moving platform should not stop you character from walking. I know why this happens though. His jumping animation has long feet so he clips the floor as he jumps. Also when fading in you can see invisible objects (like those boxes with arrows on)
Posted by hishnak 5th September, 2005

cielx, The moving platforms are were I died. Once I got into the game it wasn't that bad. Just make a decent cpm and the sequel should be good.
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 6th September, 2005

Correction: Make a decent cpm AND get a decent server (like sitesled) and the sequel should be good if it comes.
Posted by cielx 6th September, 2005

Thanks man (andyuk). I was wandering about the whole moving platform thing, i supose i could have added to his posistion when jumping off of a platform. Also that fading problem annoyed the hell out of me (Just realised how to fix it though-set transparancy to 100%) but i just wanted to post this game and get it out the way as there were so many things i was unhappy with. I've started the sequel and i'm hopefully gunna fix all these faults. Cheers!
Posted by AndyUK 6th September, 2005

Well i'm working on your custom platform engine right now. I don't know what else is in the later game (like ladders or platforms that move up and down) so i will try to include them. the trouble is you will have to add the animations yourself because I can't rip your character when the game uses that blur filter effect.
Posted by Ben Schlessman 6th September, 2005

I'd love to try this game, unfortunately the download link doesn't work for me. Can you put it up somewhere else?
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 6th September, 2005

I loved the demo of this game. Even though it's a bit buggy, I still like it. ;)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 6th September, 2005

P.S. Thumbs up
Posted by Ben Schlessman 6th September, 2005

Just a couple things: Firstly, the jumping does have issues. When you're against a wall and you try to jump over, it won't let you. Second, change the sound that plays when you collect something. Have it be a little more warmer sounding, something you would like to hear over and over again. Lastly, I noticed that when you press "q", it teleports you to the middle of the level. Also if you press escape, it'd be nice to quit the game that way. Work on those, and the game will be leaps and bounds better. The graphics are nice; I liked the parallax scrolling and the graphics in general are colorful and fun to look at. The music is also done nicely. I look forward to an update or sequal.
Posted by cielx 6th September, 2005

Hey hey, i've just uploaded a better version. Still not flawless but moving platforms now work fine and there are now no hidden game objects on display when the levels fade in. Also Q now no longer takes you to the middle of the level and the game over screen now works. I also made the game a bit easier in parts. How far has anyone got?
Posted by cielx 7th September, 2005

Does this run at an ok speed on everyones pc?
Posted by Cazra 7th September, 2005

It's good. The level designs fit well enough around the platform movement so it's hard to recognize it. It would be better with a save/load feature.





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