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Hangy's Final Adventure
Author: Jimmy Pig Submitted: 24th October, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 97

This is the final piece of the hangys trilogy, the other two games were submitted some time in september, so for people who played (and liked ;p) the other games, i hope you enjoy, and for newcomers, i suggest playing the others, but you can dive right in if you wish, the changes in this game are:

Bigger levels -
Harder levels -
Self made music (mostly)
Better secrets.


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Posted by Jimmy Pig 24th October, 2004

I hope you enjoy it and for all these 5p33d fr33ks dont rate it low because your downloading isnt 500kb/s, kay :*
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 25th October, 2004

My downloading (or should I say d0wnl04d1ng?) was at 500kb/s - I'm not sure how, though.
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 25th October, 2004

I've downloaded at 100MB/s once, that was the most coolest thing ever. Then i tried downloading a 500MB thing and it went back to normal...
Posted by Jimmy Pig 25th October, 2004

Lol wow, i wish my band was so broad ='(
Posted by Yuhkaz 25th October, 2004

Posted by Noyb 25th October, 2004

The level design was decent. It's strange how you could do vertical moving platforms but not horizontal ones. Bosses didn't fit in with the normal level gameplay, but were okay. You're...learning.
Posted by Wormware 26th October, 2004

What's that monkey with the big penis doing in the credits screen? I still think it's a weird game. But the rainbow level was good!! Well and this game was better than part 1. so keep making progess. Ow and please don't use Lib objects ;)..
Posted by Muggus 26th October, 2004

I just realised if you replace the I in pig with an A, and add an E onto the end, you'd be Jimmy Page! Oh so close man!
Posted by AndyUK 26th October, 2004 clicking on the link in anyway got me nowhere so it went to the website, man freewebs is rubbish. 2.03kb!!!!!!!!! im glad im not on a 56k connection
Posted by Joshua M. 26th October, 2004

Page not found? Dang freewebs.
Posted by AndyUK 26th October, 2004

its definately better than you first game, still anooying getting stuck on everything you touch though.
Posted by Bruce Juice 27th October, 2004

Posted by Joshua M. 28th October, 2004

Oh, puh-lease!! Go to put your site somewhere else, right now! This is horrible. don't you have some webspace? Or get some webspace from or for free (100MB)
Posted by Jimmy Pig 3rd November, 2004

ok lol ill give in and host somewhere else *applause* did any one vote this game? or is it just the server?





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