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Hangy's Next Adventure
Author: Jimmy Pig Submitted: 18th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 58

The follow up to Hangy's Adventure, its bigger, harder, and better, also it has a nice little secret at the end called 'Rainbow Road' (A tribute to my favortie mario kart level.) So dont forget to type in rainbow as a password when your done. =D

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Posted by The Chris Street 19th September, 2004

Please. No more.
Posted by Stimoreary 19th September, 2004

Im mostly just scared
Posted by 19th September, 2004

yay more hangy are you gonna make more i love hangy!:)
Posted by Joshua M. 19th September, 2004

I hope you didn't add any 'odd' minigames...
Posted by Jimmy Pig 19th September, 2004

XD no dont worry no more sick mini games, just the game, im glad some people like it, and yes there will be another hangy, just one more, and everyone ive asked says it looks like a proper game, not a stupid mess around (so i slapped them and shouted 'Hangyz is teh pwnz0r')
Posted by Jimmy Pig 19th September, 2004

Sorry bout double post, @ circy: cmon, dont be so skeptical, it cant be half as bad as super bros. they released 6! SO SHUT UP AND ENJOY kthnxby
Posted by 19th September, 2004

:p <- Hmmm. maybe that smiley is too positive to describe this game properly. - Altough, this was a good "ROOKIE" game.
Posted by Jimmy Pig 19th September, 2004

No, the first hangys, they say this one was much better, no this isnt the limit of my coding mastery, but this is what i like, simple game, no amazing graphics, no mind blowing dialogues, just simple gaming.
Posted by Liquixcat 21st September, 2004

"no this isnt the limit of my coding mastery" prove it.
Posted by Jimmy Pig 21st September, 2004

why? i like the game as it is. Im making a new game at the moment called 'Forgotten', its looking good so far
Posted by Noyb 24th September, 2004

Hmmm... this is even more n00bish than the last one, if that's even possible. It really looks bad to rely on TGF bugs (namely the "wall-climbing") as the only way to beat levels, and I can't even count the number of klik games where the hero is magically given the ability to shoot during boss levels. Bah.
Posted by Noyb 26th September, 2004

{ponder} Oooooookaaaayy....





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