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Hangys Adventure Revamped!
Author: Jimmy Pig Submitted: 15th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 97

The story behind Hangy's: 'It all started with Hangy's greedy cousin Clingy using his powers of vegetation manipulation to steal Hangy's magic jewels (they were held in a bag made from wheat), but as the bag was making its way to clingy some the jewels fell out, then after collecting the jewels hangy realised clingy still had most of them but then he spotted one off in the distance so he grabbed it and realised more had fallen out that he thought, after Hangy had collected all of the jewels that had fell out of the bag he found a note saying unless he takes the jewels to Clingy he would kill Hangy's wife, Mrs. Hangy. After reading the letter he set off in search of his wife to find Clingy, he told Clingy he would not give him the jewels unless he took them from his dead body, he soon found out Clingy had honed the energy of the magic jewels he owned to create a jewel more powerfull that any ever seen, will evil rule over good? Or will Hangy defeat his evil cousin once and for all...'

Its a classic platformer, made of TGF!!! Everyone loves the games factory, especially me, many will be skeptical, but for those who love this kind of game, this is for you! enjoy

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Posted by AndyUK 15th September, 2004

this is pretty clever, using what is usually an annoying bug in the normal tgf engine to give your gameplay an extra angle, thumbs up!
Posted by Noyb 16th September, 2004

Do not play the monkey minigame. *shudders* The main game is fun, though.
Posted by Cazra 16th September, 2004

oh no! not freewebs! Ah well, 10kbps isn't too bad for freewebs I guess.
Posted by The Chris Street 16th September, 2004

Its kinda... odd, this game :S Can't tell if its a joke game or not.
Posted by Cazra 16th September, 2004

neat concept, but the boss takes way too long to beat.
Posted by Jimmy Pig 16th September, 2004

Ahh! dont rate low because of freewebs! Im glad to see some people like it, you guys have actually made my day, hangys next adventure should be on soon, it will probably atract a wider audience. =p
Posted by AndyUK 16th September, 2004

well try making his arms straight at least, the game is still really buggy and is luck more than skill most of the time.
Posted by 18th September, 2004

yay another free webs user like me do u even understand html i dont... and all u who hate free webs "if u can wait a year for a birth day and 9 monthes for school to end you can wait 10 minets for a dounload"
Posted by Joshua M. 18th September, 2004

Yuck, the Spank the Monkey game is kinda... odd...
Posted by Jimmy Pig 18th September, 2004

YEY!!! Take a look at the trophy, what does that say? 1067th place? ;P sweet! Anyway ask i was saying, hangys next adventure, im adding it now, the problem, its high reslolution, so if you cant see the screen increase your res, sorr about that, its better this way =D
Posted by Jimmy Pig 3rd May, 2005

yeah it was a joke, i know i took a while to respond
Posted by Jimmy Pig 26th September, 2005

make that 1256th place ye ye ye best game ever





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