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SmileyHouse (Multiplayer Online RPG)
Author: Code6 Submitted: 30th July, 2004 Favourites:3
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 450

Edited By Code6 on 24/09/2019

-- 2019 Reunion! --
Welcome back to SmileyHouse, a game active from around 2002 to 2008. The server was down for over 10 years... but then...

Reunion on September 22, 2019 (1PM EST)!
Thanks to everyone who came out. Server is still up!

Welcome to the wacky world of Smiley House, a humorous Multiplayer Online RPG (role playing game) that has you running around as a happy face, fighting bunnies, fishing, mining, taking on quests, going through dungeons, and part-taking in one of various classes.

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Posted by Joshtek 2nd August, 2004

Muggus, what kind of quests? We already have some simple "fetch item" quests in the game, and more complex quests are planned.
Posted by BeamSplashX 3rd August, 2004

Reviewed! Make a bigger world that takes hours to download on cable! YAY!
Posted by Joshtek 3rd August, 2004

Well, we are planning on expanding the world - but it all depends on how good your cable is :)
Posted by The Chris Street 4th August, 2004

"This is why I always attack Gigas with his Flanville series. See what LW did with SH? Now, imagine Gigas actually took time to do that, too. Flanville would be 10x better, a much bigger joy to play. (well, in comparison to that crappy bullshit he always releases)" Unnecessary statement there, Matt.
Posted by Shadow99 4th August, 2004

So you guys worked on this for over 2 years, and there is no music? No quests? I guess most of that 2 years was sleep.
Posted by James Melton / Eluminite 5th August, 2004

If you want music, you can buy a radio or CD player from the electronics store in the town... yeah- it's that great of a game ;-). I haven't done much else for the past 4 days. And while the graphics are (very) simplistic, since when is a good game about graphics? Who cares what it looks like as long as it's fun to play.
Posted by Joshtek 5th August, 2004

I would just like to note that the game does have quests, they are just not that complex.
Posted by awesomeanimator 5th August, 2004

bigger world(like 20x bigger with lots of towns, caves, lakes etc.)would make this the perfect game. the gfx are mixed, but thats because anyone who wants to can work on the game, and that rocks :) bigger world and it would be the best click game ever.
Posted by awesomeanimator 6th August, 2004

there seems to be a hacker in the game...someone keeps sending admin messages that create program errors and shut down the game.
Posted by Joshtek 6th August, 2004

If you want to talk about the game or report bugs, please visit the official forums at remember, you will need to create a new account, as your forum account is not the same as your game one.
Posted by Blackstorm 7th August, 2004

Oh, come on people! You know this game kicks ass! Let's see some more thumbs up!
Posted by jtkelley 7th August, 2004

The coding is lazy (e.g. you don't actually enter doors inside buildings, you just walk over them and offscreen). I have to agree with Shadow. Two years of work for this?
Posted by jtkelley 7th August, 2004

I don't mean to be harsh but this just feels half-assed. If this is what you get from two years of work, then spend four years on it before releasing it. This is practically a demo. No, a demo would be a completed section of the game. This is a game engine-test. It has the functionality of a game, but nothing to make it fun and playable. Don't release a game that has no music but will someday have music. Don't release a game that has no missions but will someday have missions. Wait until it's done, then release it. Adding more features is one thing, but advertising the addition of BASIC features is another. This is the shell of a game. Nice setup, but nothing to do. Why build stats just for the sake of stats? Give it another two years, then try again. This is rubbish.
Posted by Flava 8th August, 2004

jtkelley you seem to have forgotten what the point of a MULTIPLAYER GAME is - its to do better than the other players, to chat with the other players - and basically do what ever you want with the other players.. This is a game engine-test? No not really - if you just give the game a go - you'll see there is quite a lot to do, and it is fun to interact with the other players and try and beat them. If this isn't your type of game - then just admit it isn't your type of game, rather than dissing it. If the coding is lazy - that means you could do better in 2 years? Then go ahead smart ass.
Posted by Blackstorm 8th August, 2004

Jeez... I'm getting a little bit sick of people saying that games suck just because that person's I.Q. is too low to learn a game of slight complexity...
Posted by Blackstorm 8th August, 2004

Oh, and another thing, jtkelley... Why build stats for the sake of building stats? In order to do all the activities easier. In order to have fun. In order to enjoy a game that is magnificently better than any other game on the whole of The Daily Click. Here are some more questions for you to answer... Why play games just for the sake of having fun? Why make games just for the sake of making games? Why be a moron just for the sake of being a moron? ... Okay, maybe that last question only applies to you, but whatever...
Posted by Blackstorm 8th August, 2004

Darnit, one last thing... All of the game's coding is server-side. And so the reason it takes a long time to enter doors is: 1) You have a slow internet connection. 2) There were lots of people on at the time, thereby lagging the server. 3)You are too impatient.
Posted by Joshtek 8th August, 2004

If you think getting around is to slow, just become a guard and level up your guard exp. Then you can teleport around with the use of a, um, teleleporter.
Posted by Galaxy613 10th August, 2004

hmmm... should I or should I not go back to SH... ?
Posted by Blackstorm 11th August, 2004

Play... Play... Play it... You know you want to...
Posted by Gamer 11th August, 2004

//Unnecessary statement there, Matt. // Maybe so, but it's true and I meant it. I settled it w/ him through PM, though, and I wish him the best of luck.
Posted by Evil Monkey 13th August, 2004

Noo! Why must the main server be down? :( I was able to play last night just fine but now all I can do is use the chat! Please get that server back up!
Posted by Joshtek 13th August, 2004

The server will be down until around the 26th of August. The author/hoster is moving.
Posted by James Melton / Eluminite 14th August, 2004

I'm a sad panda :-(
Posted by James Melton / Eluminite 15th August, 2004

Is there a better place to express sorrow about the down server-tude-ness?
Posted by Blackstorm 16th August, 2004

Sorry, sad panda dude, you can only chew on your bamboo for now...
Posted by Blackstorm 16th August, 2004

I guess that, in the mean time, you could get people to vote thumbs up for SmileyHouse...
Posted by Silveraura 16th August, 2004

To be honist, I give games thumbs up as much as I can, but this game just isnt good at all. I'm sorry, but thumbs down.
Posted by Blackstorm 16th August, 2004

Oh my GOD!!! Brandon, I just read your review... God, you are a douche. First off, the review looked like it was describing something entirely different from this game. Second, where are these "ripped sprites" you are talking about? The only thing I can think of is the car. What all did you do in the game? Anyone who tried it and got further than the second room would have rated it higher... Did you even try to mine? Or fish? Maybe you tried to fight? Your review only piques 3% of my interest, since it is 3% of the game that you reviewed.
Posted by Silveraura 17th August, 2004

I reviewed the game, not you or anyone else, ME, so its my oppion againced the game. None of your business. I played this game & I ended up getting extremly bored, because all I could do was walk around in like 10 frames, I've played for over 3 days & got no where. IMO, this game isnt high quality, but like I said, its my oppion & I am free to say what I want! Atleast I wasnt saying shit like THIS GAME SUCKS. I explained my resions! So if you cant deal with it, bullshit. I'm not questioning how good this game is, I'm saying flat out right now. I dont like it & I am giving it a fair & honist review.
Posted by Joshtek 18th August, 2004

BrandonC, did you actually use any of the non-moving feature of SH like mining, fishing, fighting, quests, tree shaking, cooking, apple cleaning, multiplyer game toys, and the arcade games?
Posted by Silveraura 18th August, 2004

I already explained my case to u in AIM, I just dont like this game at all. End of Story.
Posted by Blackstorm 20th August, 2004

I was expressing my opinion in my previous post. Your review just didn't seem to be describing SmileyHouse to me. In my opinion, I think people should download the game anyway. It seems to me that your weren't able to get past the first part. The game is a bit too complex in the beginning, but it is the best game on the Daily Click (and possibly on my entire computer, and I have a LOT of games) that I have ever played. Good day.
Posted by Joshtek 23rd August, 2004

A mirror of SH build115 should be at but I'm not 100% sure if it uploaded without errors.
Posted by Blackstorm 11th September, 2004

117 is out, now, with a new class (Knight) and a new weapon for the soldier. (Gas grenade) I don't have a link for it, but you can find it on the main site...
Posted by jonsmith 24th September, 2004

for a click product this is very good!!
Posted by M Mouse 25th September, 2004

how do i get a class?
Posted by Blackstorm 29th September, 2004

M mouse, go to the smileyhouse council and choose one of the three free classes. Knight class requires 1000 guard exp.
Posted by Adalex Frionel 23rd January, 2005

This game is strange... It looks like nobody is playing it... when I connect... the only one smiley is me. I really don't know, how to talk with NPC's... i tried this key and nothing... very, very strange.. but otherwise, it can be fun playing it with more people...
Posted by Blackstorm 14th February, 2005

Yeah, Smiley House is certainly dead now... I'd have to say part of the reason is all the political arguments that happened because of the 2004 elections. About half of the 6 people that played left with that. XD
Posted by Nuklear41 1st May, 2005

I still play frequently.
Posted by idontknow 9th June, 2005

Right, I Play On It Quite a bit, My nme on it is Rogan360, But nobodys ever on! please can somebody download this game and play it! it is a really good game! its only problem is the lack of people playing it!
Posted by Lucas Geniza 22nd June, 2006

How to download

Posted by awesomeasapossum 16th July, 2006

ACK! It says: The installer you are trying to use is corrupt or incomplete!
Posted by Lucas Geniza 28th July, 2006

I know!!!!
Posted by Code6 23rd December, 2008

You can still download the game at

While I try to keep the server up, the game's development has been discontinued, since I am working on a sequel.

If you have MMF1.5 and MMF2 and are interested, I am looking for somebody to convert SmileyHouse into MMF2 and make it Open Source.
Posted by UrbanMonk 14th July, 2009
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Posted by Code6 11th May, 2018

Here's the source code to SmileyHouse and various other old projects of mine:

Be sure to use the UpdatedData version of the game (and likely you might have to run it As Administrator).
Comment edited by Code6 on 12/05/2018
Posted by Code6 27th August, 2019

Reunion on September 22nd, 2019! See:
Posted by Billybobjoe198 27th August, 2019
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I missed Smiley House.






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