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Review: SmileyHouse (Multiplayer Online RPG)
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 01/05/2005

I have to say I feel the same as awsomeanitmator. This is just one kick ass of a game. There is nothing that is going to stop me from playing this game. It is Great to pley for all ages. It is really nice because of the laws that they have. There is just a justice system and other things that make this a great game. But there is also all the users that are on the game that make you feel at home and entertained.
This is nomatter what getting a ten. But here is why.

Right when you download the game is is all Welcome to sh!!!!So your like But then it is down to business. You get shown how to interact and all that nonscence and how to shoot and make money. I am currently the 2nd richest in the whole smiley house comunity

When you start the game You feel right at home. There is pleany of things to do also. YOu can fish and mine and hunt and play on your state of the art game toy. It is just a great experience.

The graphics are a sure ten because of the uniqe ness of all of the peices. Anyone can submit art so that makes them all different and they all may be not good or not bad but it is just the coolness of this graphic style that makes you want to

Lastabuility is ubar cool. I will play this game into my grave if I have too.

This has not been a very popular game lately so I hope that many people will come on this game and and enjoy the simple pleasures that it will give you.

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Posted by Nuklear41 10th May, 2009



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