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Author: David Evans Submitted: 20th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 60

Edited By David Evans on 4/5/2004

This is a game I origonally made in TGF a few years ago, then while looking through some of my old games, decided could do well with a face-lift in MMF. So here it is.

This game has the basic gameplay of the retro game 'Snake' but with a slight twist: If you bite your tail, the end falls off and you loose points instead of loosing. The aim is to become as long as possible by eating the eggs that appear on the screen (for no reason - maybe I'll add a chicken or something in a later version).

Zip file can be found here:

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Posted by Simen 20th March, 2004

Ah, enough of them snake games, allready! Well, I guess I could give it a try...
Posted by Elvn 20th March, 2004

Not v original but nice graphics! :)
Posted by istvan 21st March, 2004

WOW! This is sooo original! Id say this is so out there, that it deserves to be cloned by some kliker!
Posted by AfterStar 21st March, 2004

I'm getting bored of all this snake,ping pong,frogger and some other clone games! Anyway,i think i will give it a try!
Posted by Cazra 21st March, 2004

I can't download it because McAfee's acting stupid about Install Creator files. This doesn't look like it's worth the installer.Why not just Zip it?
Posted by David Evans 21st March, 2004

I'll add a zip link soon then
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 21st March, 2004

Well of course it's not original, but it's a nice twist on Snake, and the graphics are pretty.
Posted by Coop 25th August, 2004

looks cool but it says that i have to restart comp for downloads to take





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