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Author: David Evans Submitted: 5th April, 2004 Favourites:0
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Ever been working on your games, lost track of time and ended up being late for something important (i.e. a TV show you like)?
Here's the answer! Reminder can remember an infinate number of messages and alert you at the time of day you choose.
There are loads of ways you can configure the reminders. They can play a bell sound, show a small or large alert box, go off at a set time, go off when you log on, alert you on a certain day (i.e. birthdays), and many more.

You also choose the day and time seperatly, so you can use:

o every Monday, remind me at 9 o'clock to watch the comedy or:
o on the 13th of February every year, remind me when I log on that it is my cat's birthday or:
o on the 31st of December, remind me at midnight that it is the new year, etc.

The app starts running when you log on and hides in the tray bar to free up space in the main window bar. Uses no resources when hidden so you can carry on with anything else.

(Doubble click the 'R' icon in the tray to open the main window)

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Posted by Mr Icekirby 5th April, 2004

odd, but can't people just make something of their own? im sure you will get some good and definately some bad comments as well
Posted by -Messiah- 5th April, 2004

Actually, i think it looks really cool!!
Posted by Bo Fu 5th April, 2004

Very useful. I lose track of time easily, especially when I'm playing a game or writing music.
Posted by NovaSoft{Dynecys} 5th April, 2004

Great app! Possibly the best and most useful app I've seen on TDC. Was this made with MMF? Looks quite professional actually! A suggestion for version 2.0 ;) 1) Allow user to select their own sound file to play That's the only thing I can suggest, otherwise it's an excellent program which I can see myself actually using!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 5th April, 2004

Kirb, why bother making your own when there's one right here?
Posted by JP 5th April, 2004

I like it.
Posted by Shawn Wolfram 5th April, 2004

Here's a reminder, everyones a little lazy in some way shape or form, thats why other people are here to do the simple things for us, like cleaning up our homes. Way to go David Evans for making our lazyness actually feel lazy! (I mean that in a good way, seriously)
Posted by J.A.P. (Jarmo Airaksinen Productions) 6th April, 2004

Looks awesome, downloading...
Posted by J.A.P. (Jarmo Airaksinen Productions) 6th April, 2004

Way cool:)! I hope that you make more apps like this ;)!
Posted by Chamzel 6th April, 2004

There was a program I used to have called Post It Note for Windows 3.1 that was used for this stuff. I used it because back in the day my dad had us log off the Internet during Prime Time and I used it to remind me to log back on when Prime Time was over. XD
Posted by Ben 6th April, 2004

what was used to create this?
Posted by AS Filipowski 6th April, 2004

Nice idea!
Posted by Mr Coffee 6th April, 2004

Prime Time?
Posted by Kris 6th April, 2004

Posted by MasterM 6th April, 2004

sounds handy downloading
Posted by Danny Boy 6th April, 2004

I like it!
Posted by Kris 6th April, 2004

Just a pity it uses 13mb of RAM and 10% processor time, even when it's idle... {ponder}
Posted by Kramy 6th April, 2004

Very useful! :) I'd make my own in Jamagic, except it's kind of corny copying someone else's idea. :P
Posted by DEC Stuff 6th April, 2004

I tried to make one of these. I'm surprised other people didn't make one! It's such a great idea. Mine was a bit crappy. Awesome.
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 6th April, 2004

Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 6th April, 2004

so many questions, and no answers!
Posted by xXAaronXx 6th April, 2004

Go download a program called chameleon clock, has a reminder with many options, alarm clock that lets ya use your own music or sounds, and plenty of other stuff. Only the trial is free, but it never expires and lets you use almost every option you want. I have had it for over a year.
Posted by 7th April, 2004

well arent you Specail~
Posted by istvan 7th April, 2004

Very good idea! Ill scan my TV Guide every week and update my 'Reminder'list. Dont care if its not original, its useful.
Posted by CYS 7th April, 2004

WOW this is something really really useful. Great JOB!
Posted by CYS 7th April, 2004

I've just added everyone birthday into the list. :P
Posted by David Evans 8th April, 2004

Wow, I never expected this to be so popular! To answer a few questions, it is made in Jamagic, it shouldn't use any ram to run while idle (at-least it doesn't on my PC) and I am adding an "add your own sound" option for the next version along with some other new features.
Posted by Tidegear 8th April, 2004

First Klik app I've ever kept on my system. Much less even really bothered to try. Good job! LoL, I hate lame Klik apps that are like registry editors or something useless that already exists in much better form.
Posted by 9th April, 2004

Posted by David Evans 12th April, 2004






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