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Author: Mkingy Submitted: 29th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'em up Downloads: 72

Edited By mkingy on 11/15/2003

A war has broken out between bluetorch and you. Your team are getting slaughted by the oncoming enemy. You have been sent as a sniper to take out the enemy and help you fellow allies to the other trench. Time to take them out!
Includes as many as 16 missions in skirmish mode (although only 8 or so are worth playing!)

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Posted by Mkingy 29th October, 2003

comments, reveiws and such would be nice please!!! :)
Posted by Therapist16 30th October, 2003

I'm sorry dude, but this was way to newbeeish. I mean, you have plain backgrounds, themeny is to clean and dull and where is the challenge??? I cant seem to find a reason to play. the enemies come from the same spot everytime, and all you have to do is to shoot them with the mouse. You need to add something more to it. more elements. the idea though is very original, if you try to enhance it and really puff it up, then this cold be a classic... sorry for all the negative feedback but i had to.
Posted by Therapist16 30th October, 2003

But wait, i actually found this enjoyable when i got further into the game and there were more enemies. I guess its kinda cool actually. worth getting into i would think...
Posted by Mkingy 30th October, 2003

DONT READ IF YOU DONT WANT TO CHEAT!!! enter on main screen: get skirmish mode = kiler
Posted by Gaspy Conana 30th October, 2003

you spelled killer wrong
Posted by Mkingy 30th October, 2003

no, its actually kiler, not killer
Posted by Mkingy 30th October, 2003

thats the password kiler, i dont mean the spelling!
Posted by Mkingy 30th October, 2003

oh yeah and thx for the comments Therapist16
Posted by lauri 15th November, 2003

i liked it! maybe more work. :)
Posted by CarpetSmoker 26th December, 2003

the standard addictive shooter... the enemy soldiers are using handguns, a very stupid choise, since most handguns are ineffective above 25 meters, also, rifles have much more power(bigger hole in ur chest) nice game!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 1st January, 2004

I liked it as well. Good job!
Posted by Mkingy 1st February, 2004

thank you for ure comments
Posted by -_darkman_- 17th February, 2004

its finger licking good this game *licks fingers*
Posted by Gash jackel 8th May, 2004

not bad needs sprucing here and there but ya got somat and I know games u could make this into a series of games with various offshoots like "Trenches the RPG!!!"





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