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Author: Mkingy Submitted: 15th November, 2003 Favourites:0
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Edited By mkingy on 11/17/2003

This is a demo of my up and coming game SLS 2 (sunday leauge soccer 2) You play as the blue team against the red team. It features a one-two system with your teammate who runs up the top side of the pitch. This demo DOES NOT feature any sound I'm afraid. The full version will include:

-Lots of teams
-Mabye a bigger pitch
-Tournament option
-Two-player (By the way its one player!)
-Different standerd teams
-Special options. (Like minefield!)

Controls are:
directional keys = move player
shift = pass to teammate
enter = shoot
backspace = skill

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Posted by Mkingy 15th November, 2003

comments/suggestions for the full game would be greatly accepted.
Posted by Pete Nattress 15th November, 2003

when you use, be sure to include the http:// in front of the geocities link. ;)
Posted by Teapot 15th November, 2003

didn't work for me
Posted by Teapot 15th November, 2003

error while opening file
Posted by lauri 15th November, 2003

Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 16th November, 2003

iīve played this before, and i must say that i can make a game thatīs this good myself..
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 16th November, 2003

Error while opening file, need to include the .gam file.
Posted by Mkingy 17th November, 2003

dammit, it should work now.
Posted by Mkingy 17th November, 2003

oh and thx to pete natress and shab for the tips (even if they were basic, im not that bright)





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